What's that 1 weapon that you're still missing?

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User Info: Overheadnero

4 years ago#41
From: LifeVirus1289 | #040
Overheadnero posted...
The Saber. The RNG is just not letting me have it and instead just gives me Indras. No joke, I got 2 Indras in a row when I saved up my credits.

I'd trade you one of my Sabers for a Harrier if I could.

Another thing I don't have. I want to see what is so good about the Harrier.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#42
Talon. It is the only weapon that I am still missing.
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User Info: AndrosPsy

4 years ago#43
Collector's SMG. Is it good?
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User Info: TheBraveOne

4 years ago#44
I'm only missing the Eagle, and with no events I can't get one :(
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User Info: MarkMilton

4 years ago#45
i still don't have a Typhoon.... which is fine by me.

...but now i've jinxed it.
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  3. What's that 1 weapon that you're still missing?

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