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User Info: TheM00d

5 years ago#21
JediWatchmen posted...
thanks for the tips is one was gonna use the jusitcar adept how would build. the only characters i am missing are the ghost, dress infiltrator, shaman,slasher, destroyer, and vocha soldier. so other then those i am use so builds would best. i don't have any level four consumables.

I do Offensive Bubble and set it up in a chokepoint or somewhat close to me so that if I do get overwhelmed, I can set of an explosion and hopefully get some room. 3 in pull to pick up Cannibals while I'm moving. Area Reave with Damage reduction. Fitness is all but maxed out and power damage in Justicar. The biggest thing is to move around a lot so a bigger map helps. Reapers aren't so much of a problem until Ravagers show up. Marauders and Ravagers ruin your day more than anything else.

The Huntress was a cake walk though against Reapers if you have her.

User Info: JediWatchmen

5 years ago#22
i do have her.
The Blackest Night falls from the skies.The darkness grows as all light dies.We crave your hearts and your demise. By my black hand...The dead shall rise!

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