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User Info: zayn2123

4 years ago#31
gunsndroses posted...
Thank you for the advice :3

A couple things..

What is "right hand advantage?"

Also, as for what classes I like.. I'm in love with biotics, personally. My Shepards have all been Adepts, I can't not be an adept in SP. this translated somewhat to MP.. although I find most adepts boring in MP. I've had considerable success with the Asari Justicar and the N7 Fury, however. Vanguards are the ultimate fun for me; I will proudly admit that I love the Manguard; on Silver, at least, I was invincible. Didn't go as smoothly to Gold, though.

Biotics aside, soldiers and specific engineers have appealed to me. Only engineer I've been able to use is the N7 Demolisher, as a a support role for my team... I still don't entirely understand/nor am I able to successfully use tech combos. For whatever reason, biotic combos I understand perfectly. Tech, not so much.

Hope that helps :p

I don't fully understand it at times but it's not that hard to pick up on for example a tech burst set up by overload can be set off by practically anything IE incinerate, throw, warp, frag grenade. Same thing can be said about fire explosions so if you're a biotic and you see a guy using flamer on a boss feel free to throw a warp to set off a fire explosion than a throw to set off a biotic explosion.

On that note I believe cyro/fire/biotic explosions stack like the example I used earlier but I'm not 100% sure.

Now for some tricky stuff like Energy Drain I believe doesn't set up or set off a tech burst unless the enemy has shields they can drain (or their synthetic I believe)
Or cyro blast and cyro ammo don't set off cyro explosions unless their priming a "health" enemy so it'll weaken armor but not set off a cyro explosion.
My last bit of advice some grenades if spec'd right can set up tech bursts or fire explosions IE arc grenades or homing grenades if you choose the power in their rank 5 evolution.
Hope my insane rambling helped.

User Info: OldManJables

4 years ago#32
So it seems you're still a tad lacking on your explosion/burst knowledge. I'm certainly no master but I'll try to approach it anyway. You mention knowing biotic explosions which is good, I want to quickly recap because for the most; tech bursts and all its variants are the same thing only more nuanced.

For biotic explosions, you cast a biotic power, say warp. Warp - in this case a primer - puts a visual cue and effect on the enemy that when using another different biotic power, the detonator, can cause a biotic explosion. Some powers such as (I believe) reave can only prime, but others such as pull or warp can either prime or detonate. Worth noting also is that with biotic explosions, your damage is based off the rank of both powers used in conjunction and the specific powers used. Passives have no effect on Biotic explosions.

Tech burst and its derivatives, the Fire and Cryo explosions are much the same. You cast a primer, and then detonate it, only here, what powers are used determine what type of tech burst is created.

If you cast submission net on an opponent, and that submission net is detonated by say shockwave, a standard tech burst will occur.
If you throw Inferno grenades and use carnage on a target with a visual fire effect on them, a fire explosion will occur.

I cannot really help with cryo explosions, very few things cause the effect needed for it and both cryo blast and snap freeze have bugs to my knowledge associated with their respective cryo explosion.

There's smaller subtle things you will note as time goes on, things to keep in mind though: Energy Drain will only detonate a shielded or Synthetic target; ammo can produce the primer for an effect; grenades can also be the primer or detonator for specific explosions. Hope this all was relatively clear and helped out. Good luck on gold, it really can be daunting at first, but if you get to it... :D

User Info: WatermelonFarts

4 years ago#33
Pull doesn't detonate.
Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear.

User Info: OldManJables

4 years ago#34
WatermelonFarts posted...
Pull doesn't detonate.

Really I could swear it did with when I use it in my drell misadventures. The more you know I guess. Even though most people get their butt in a twist over you, this is the reason I like you; helpful but to the point.

User Info: xionnoix

4 years ago#35
if so, might have been a glitch. but yes, pull only primes biotic explosions.

User Info: WatermelonFarts

4 years ago#36
in addition snap freeze is the best way to cause cryo explosions since it primes everything once you hit them with it

cryo ammo/cryo blast needs to completely freeze the target

whether snap freeze or cryo ammo/blast are bugged, i don't know
Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear.
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