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User Info: bloodgod92

4 years ago#1
To be used for gold/plat...

Is 6/6/6/6/0 better than 6/6/6/5/3? I just figure the extra 20% weapon decrease is more handy than a little extra hp/shield when I will be spamming shield boost, i can normally get a few round out before it is off cooldown... so is the slightly better weapon worth reducing the already low hp/shields? Then I could equip the scorpion and atleast do damage to anything with a barrier whilst keeping 200% CD...

Yes, yes, I know people will probably think there is no point in asking, its a volus... but I would like to make myself more useful then being just a healer if possible...
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#2
I skip fitness, but I also stasis snipe with him. So I'm usually not in the middle of danger.
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User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#3
As with all Volus, if you don't take at least rank 3 in fitness you can be one shotted by an Atlas missiles impact and burn effect before you come out of the stagger animation.
If you want to be more than a healer. My run and gun build is...


Use incendiary ammo followed by a biotic orb for fire explosions. Make sure to liberally use the cloak.
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