Mass Effect vs Star Wars

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User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#41
Star Wars space ships are insanely powerful. To put it into perspective, somebody crunched the numbers given by the Star Wars and Star Trek universes. You know what ship can beat the Enterprise? Slave I. As in, Boba Fett's ship. It beats the Enterprise in every single category, and most of them by a laughable margin.

Add to that fact what I pointed out before (Mass Effect shielding is completely based on kinetic energy and does nothing to stop laser based weapons, while Star Wars shields stop both lasers and kinetic based weaponry) and the Reapers are getting basically one shotted by your most basic Star Destroyer. Their shields don't stop the lasers at all, and the lasers are hilariously more powerful than the Mess Effect weaponry. The Reapers literally can't do much more than make a Star Destroyer's shields flare to life before being snuffed out, and there are thousands of Star Destroyers.

Also, for Jedi vs Asari: Jacen Solo mind controlled an entire building of people from space and made them lower their planet's defenses so he could win. Ganner held out against so many Vong for so long he built a literal wall out of their corpses. Never underestimate how mary sueish the Jedi powers can be. Biotics have too much of a give away in their wind up, the Jedi are always going to see them coming and dodge according, even Stasis which according to Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi can do as well.

Mass Effect universe might win in organic ground troops vs organic ground troops, but that's mainly because the Star Wars EU doesn't focus on that type of fight enough. Its a lot harder to figure out how well they would do there.
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User Info: Murphiroth

4 years ago#42
From: Trent_Reston | #032
Unless the Reapers use indoctrination on some Jedi or Imperialists.

Jedi and other Force users tend to be highly resistant to that sort of thing, so I really doubt it'd work.
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User Info: bman52480

4 years ago#43
Star Wars tech is far far far far far superior to Star Trek tech, which is far far far far superior to Mass Effect tech-reapers included.

Even though I love Mass Effect it just doesn't stand up. Probably could win against BSG tech-but thats only because there was only 1 ship left in BSG, if the Cylons joined Mass Effect loses there too.

If you are bored and want to see a cannon sourced essay about Star Trek getting stopmed by Star Wars here it is.

And a funny video for scifi fans if you haven't seen it before-though it is wrong anyway.

A cannon based comparison would be SW>Star Trek>ME>BSG(maybe)
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User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#44
Nidtendofreak posted...
Biotics have too much of a give away in their wind up, the Jedi are always going to see them coming and dodge according, even Stasis which according to Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi can do as well.

Wouldn't the Jedi simply be able to disable the Biotic's abilities by smashing the implant/machinery/whatever using the force?

User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#45
I picked Star Wars thinking the question was which is better, but still agree reading that it's a fight between the two. The most destructive weapon in ME seems to be a Reaper, probably Harbinger since he shoots much faster than the rest, and those shots don't even necessarily destroy ships/buldings/space stations, while the Death Star can fire once and destroy a planet.
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User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#46
I can't find the "I don't give a s***" button.
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User Info: koifish22

4 years ago#47
GoldenSWarriors posted...
That guy is going to use the force? Stasis! Haha u frozen gg.


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User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#48
I voted mass effect because of the Turians but I prefer Star Wars all in all. I just wish for a game like Master of Orion with Mass Effect races like Salarians, Turians, Krogans and etc.
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User Info: iRawrHardcore

4 years ago#49
Duh, Star Wars.

Why is this even a question?

User Info: BlackWizardMagus

4 years ago#50
I'll give the answer I always give when this type of question comes up; Daleks.
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