so tired of new players on gold

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User Info: Servare

5 years ago#21
I see a lot of arguing on how to judge. The fact is, there is possible way to judge by N7 rating, equipment or even item level. You simple have to play a few rounds to see how they play. And even then, you never know if they are trying a new build or what not. But, if someone's rating is so low that obviously they haven't been playing the game very long, chance are they don't understand how to run a plat match or a gold match.

my two cents.
Fons sapientiae, verbum Dei.

User Info: sheepman23

5 years ago#22
I'm always willing to give newbies a chance on Gold - N7 rating, banners, and challenge completions don't mean a ton to me, as they might know perfectly well what they're doing.

However, it really sucks when you do get into a match and realize that they're absolutely terrible. I played with a Level 20 Kroguard last night who spammed Carnage, never used Charge, and ruined all of my biotic explosions. He went down more times than I count; so much that I would avoid reviving him after about Wave 5, since it just wasn't worth getting saving him to get into trouble. He had also used all of his missiles by Wave 6.

Entire squad wiped on Wave 10 during a devices challenge; tried to finish the wave, but since the map was Glacier and the device was right in the middle of the map, I died easily.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

5 years ago#23
savesora posted...
*Goes into bronze*

*Sees a Quarian Engineer with 57 promotions, over 10,000 N7 and over 30,000 challenge points*

You wanna make me a sandwich?
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