I have a few questions about The Reapers(spoilers).

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  3. I have a few questions about The Reapers(spoilers).

User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
5 years ago#11
Also, Cannibals aren't exclusively Batarians. They're a Batarian/Human hybrid. Notice the human skull above the right arm;

Likewise the Brutes are significantly more Krogan than they are Turian. The Krogan aren't as populous as a lot of the other species either. Humans, Batarians and Turians are 3 of the most numerous species, and whilst Asari probbaly have a bigger population, the Banshees are exclusively made from the Ardat-Yakshi (or those with the potential to become one).

The Reapers probably didn't chose the rest because they only chose strong species. Yahg are also technically none-spacefairing, so they will have been ignored by the Reapers.
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User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

5 years ago#12
1. Why do they all look the same except for the Human Reaper from Mass Effect 2/what makes it so special?

They don't. Are we seriously going over this again ? :P

2. Does every galaxy have it's own set of reapers? (Mostly speculation, I would assume.)

Unknown but likely, given the fact that the Leviathan's Empire extended far beyond our galaxy (i think it was the known universe at the time, although I could be totally remembering everything wrongly).

3. The Citadel and Mass Relays are reaper tech, right? Why don't they start the indoctrination process? Wouldn't it make things easier for the reapers if everybody had already been indoctrinated when they started their invasion?

4. The reapers had to have been built by somebody, right? At least the first one. Why do you think somebody would somebody build the reapers?

This is explained in both the original game and the Leviathan DLC/

5. The reapers only make one more reaper per cycle, right? Shepard kills quite a few himself(Sovereign, Human Reaper, the reaper on Rannoch, the reaper guarding the beacon), and I'm sure a lot of other reapers were killed during the war(A few must have gone down when we went back to earth, I think the thresher Maw killed one on Tuchanka, etc). That's 5+ Reaper casualties in one cycle, and they'd only regain one of those, not to mention previous cycles with better tech than us(Protheans, for example). At that rate, how long do you think the reapers could actually survive for?

A ton more cycles. The Reapers have existed for near enough a billion years, so...

6. What do you guys think happens to harvested Salarians, Drell, Quarians, Krogan, Yahg, Hanar, etc? (All we know is Human=Husk, Turian=Murauder, Batarian=Cannibal, Asari=Banshee, and then Turian mixed with Krogan makes a Brute. What are Harvesters?). Do you think they just straight up die? Or do you think they turn into some other kind of troop that just wasn't pictured? I'd love to see a reaper-teched Hanar.

Not everything was compatible so, y'know.

7. Are Husks, Banshees, Cannibals, etc, Organic or Synthetic?

Obviously hybrids of bio-synthetic...

User Info: Safer_777

5 years ago#13
Leviathans were only on Milky Way,not other galaxies.
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User Info: edgecrusher02

5 years ago#14
N1ghtm4reW0lf posted...
charon78au posted...
4. This is explained in game.

You mean by the child on the citadel? I assumed he was an AI that justified his rebellion against his creators("The created will always rebel against their creators.").

this is pretty much exactly what it is. its creators didnt change anything when they created it to solve the problem of organics creating synthetics that then rebel against their creators. and the catalyst just basically put the galaxy on hold until something better could be implemented.

based on what we have been told the thing i always assumed because of what the leviathan DLC added to the ending dialogue is that the catalyst doesnt realize that it is part of the problem too. the real problem is the fact that organics create artificial intelligence and the conditions in which they create them. if technological advances does not surpass the creation of AI then this will always happen. its a cycle in itself. organics create synthetics in servitude, synthetics become sentient and then rebel, conflict arises. as of now that conflict has prevented technological advances from passing the creation of AI. personally i think the majority of the narrative suggests that synthesis or something similar would happen if this conflict didnt prevent it form happening. the question the player needs to answer is, do you think that change needs to happen abruptly or do you think time should play out and see it if happens on its own?
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  3. I have a few questions about The Reapers(spoilers).

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