so the game mass effect is about.......*spoiler*

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  3. so the game mass effect is about.......*spoiler*

User Info: campersniper

4 years ago#1
organic intelligence fighting artificial intelligence that wants to consume organic intelligence? pretty much?

i only played mass effect 2 long ago and didn't really know what was going on until just now i read a few pages of mass effect wiki.

please no spoilers for me3 cause im about to buy it. though i think i may have spoiled some of it by reading.

if i don't have gold and have no desire to play online, should i just buy me3 used?
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User Info: Nickious

4 years ago#2
There is the geth too, which are AI as well that are being killed as well, but yeah pretty much the gist. Harvest all organic life.

If you don't care about MP you could get along without the pass, though the MP was rather fun.
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User Info: TheM00d

4 years ago#3
Like Nickious said, MP is actually fun but if you don't have gold then don't worry about a new copy/pass. You did pretty much spoil it for yourself as that is what it essentially boils down to.
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  3. so the game mass effect is about.......*spoiler*

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