What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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User Info: FearOfTheLight

4 years ago#11
Soldier: N7 Destroyer.
Sentinel: Vorcha Sentinel.
Engineer: Turian Saboteur.
Infiltrator: N7 Shadow.
Adept: Batarian Slasher.
Vanguard: N7 Slayer.
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User Info: Zilong17

4 years ago#12
Adept - N7 Fury
Soldier - Geth Trooper
Engineer- Female Quarian
Sentinel - Turian Sentinel
Infiltrator - N7 Shadow
Vanguard - Kroguard.
"Oh, now you guys care about the databook. You people are so inconsistent it's like I'm reading Bleach." - MegaSTV

User Info: Environments

4 years ago#13
Adept - N7 Fury
Soldier - Regular Turian
Engineer - Female Quarian
Sentinel - Valkyrie
Infiltrator - Female Quarian
Vanguard - Asari
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User Info: MightyMillers

4 years ago#14
Adept - Council Asari/Justicar
Soldier - Vorcha (I don't have a Geth Trooper)
Engineer- Geth
Sentinel - Council Turian
Infiltrator - Salarian/N7 Shadow
Vanguard - Kroguard (Who else would it be?)

But all the Vanilla Humans in every class are useful. In fact I would say I like alot of the original lineup of humans to the N7's.
GT: Miller Rodge

User Info: AVeryDeadParrot

4 years ago#15
Adept: Slasher
Soldier: Batarian
Engineer: Geth
Sentinel: Valkyrie
Infiltrator: Male Quarian
Vanguard: Asari
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XBL: MadParrot91

User Info: Boohuut

4 years ago#16
Adept : asari
Soldier : krogan
Engineer : male quarian
Sentinel : turian
Infiltrator : asari
Vanguard : batarian

User Info: Spirit_Godd

4 years ago#17
Adept - Batarian Slasher
Soldier - N7 Destroyer
Engineer - N7 Demolisher
Sentinel - N7 Paladin
Infiltrator - Geth
Vangaurd - Recently, N7 Slayer
GT is Security Shield

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#18
Adept - Drell
Soldier - Geth
Engineer - MQE
Sentinel - Vorcha
Infiltrator - Salarian
Vangaurd - None
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#19
I don't really think I have any go to characters. I have some I like more than others, but I try and mix things up a lot.
Fire Bucket
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User Info: YamatoBeats

4 years ago#20
Adept - Asari Justicar
Soldier - Batarian
Engineer - Quarian Male
Sentinel - Asari Valkyrie
Infiltrator - Asari Huntress
Vanguard - Human Male
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