What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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  3. What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

User Info: big_lo1836

4 years ago#31
Adept - Fury, Human, Asari
Soldier - Batarian
Engineer - Geth, Demolisher
Sentinel - Paladin, Batarian
Infiltrator - Shadow, Huntress
Vanguard - Kroguard
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User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#32
Adept: Human
Soldier: Human
Engineer: Volus
Sentinel: Paladin
Infiltrator: Shadow
Vanguard: Human, special mention for Slayer.

All humans aside from a volus.

User Info: code_kirin

4 years ago#33
Adept: Drell
Soldier: Krogan
Engineer: Quarian Male
Sentinel: Turian
Infiltrator: Any..
Vanguard: Slayer (on host), Asari
Haley Joel Osment 4 years ago#34
Adept - Ex-Cerberus
Soldier - Destroyer
Engineer - Quarian Male
Sentinel - Krogan
Infiltrator - Quarian Male
Vanguard - Batarian
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User Info: rays2k

4 years ago#35
Adept- Human
Soldier- Turian/Geth
Engineer- Human/QME
Sentinel- Asari/Vorcha
Infiltrators- Ghost/Asari
Vanguard- Krogan

User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#36
This is a tough one because so many of the classes are fun:

Adept - Batarian w/Graal
Soldier - Original Turian w/pretty much any automatic weapon
Engineer- Geth
Sentinel - Paladin
Infiltrator - Salarian for sniping/Geth for shotguns
Vanguard - Krogan
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User Info: dragnhuntr666

4 years ago#37
Adept - N7 Fury
Soldier - grenadeless Human Soldier
Engineer - FQE (Jiggly Bumbum) AND Demolisher
Sentinel - Krogan
Infiltrator - Geth
Vanguard - Volus
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User Info: Flyinghole

4 years ago#38
Adept - Justicar
Soldier - Human
Engineer- Salarian(oh yeah, still rock him)
Sentinel - Turian
Infiltrator - Shadow
Vanguard - Manguard
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User Info: ToolOwnsYou

4 years ago#39
Drell Adept
Vorcha Soldier
Geth Engneer?
N7 Paladin
Geth Infiltrator or Turian Ghost
Drell Vanguard

User Info: MurphysGhost

4 years ago#40
Justicar Adept
Human Soldier
Human Engineer
Batarian Sentinel
Female Quarian Infiltrator
Asari Vanguard
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  3. What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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