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User Info: smeech8000

4 years ago#1
So I got ME3 at release, played through as a Soldier on Veteran just to see the series play out, and haven't really touched it since. A couple of ME and ME2 playthroughs later, I want to see how some different choices play out etc. so here we go with Insanity Sentinel. Here's what I'm looking for:

- Build suggestions with evolutions. My Shep is an ME2 import but as I said I have already completed ME3 once so respec is available. I have all the standard NPC bonus powers available except Barrier. I've heard good things about Defense Matrix since it stacks with TA, and certain mods etc. can be used to counteract the cooldown penalties.

- Loadout to match the spirit of the build. I don't have DLC but was considering picking up From Ashes considering it just went on sale.

- I plan to roll Liara and either Garrus or EDI. I definitely want Liara for Singularity to setup biotic explosions and story purposes and the other is up for debate.

Any recommendations and discussion is appreciated.
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User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#2
I'd recommend defense matrix for sure. With TA and DM you're pretty much untouchable and can replenish shields by detonating DM. You can then just pretty much focus on warp, throw and overload. Take Liara and Javik for epic biotic explosions. Like you said, From Ashes (the DLC that Javik comes with) is on sale this week and he's totally worth it..
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User Info: SageOfLife

4 years ago#3
My build is as follows;

Throw; Radius, Detonate, Double Throw
Warp; Detonate, Expose, Pierce
Lift Grenage; Radius, Max Grenades, Damage&Radius
Tech Armor; Durability, Power Damage, Power Recharge
Overload; Chain Overload, Neural Shock, Chain Overload
Cryo Blast; Radius*
Assault Master; Force&Damage, Weight Capacity, Bonus Power
Fitness; Durability, Shield Recharge, Durability
Warp Ammo; Damage, Ammo Capacity, Damage

*Cryo Blast is my dump skill. It's not bad per se, I just don't feel it does anything useful that another power can't do better. If you want to use it than I recommend making Lift Grenades your dump power while evolving Cryo Blast with Cryo Explosion and Explosion vulnerability.

I use Warp Ammo as my bonus power because it meshes so well with the Sentinel's exisint powers without adding something else to work the global cooldown around. Though it seems counterintuitive, a lifted target is not one that's floating in the air, it's one that is primed for a biotic explosion. So you can Warp an enemy, unload a clip into it, and finish it with a Throw. Even a Banshee won't stand a chance.

With Tech Armor evolved as listed and a 200% recharge time, the damage penality from Tech Armor is less than half a second.

Since you don't have DLC, I recommend using a Revenant with a stability damper and a magazine upgrade. At level X and with the weight capacity evolution on Assault Mastery, this will give you a 200% recharge bonus. Your only option for a side-arm is an SMG with ultralight materials. I recommend the Locust.

Bonus power doesn't work very often, and it's not a big loss when it doesn't, but when it does, it's amazing.

Garrus and EDI are both good. Garrus/EDI can Overload, Liara can Warp, and you can Throw to cause both a Tech Burst and a Biotic Explosion in the same combo much more quicly than you could on your own. I recommend EDI because she can add Fire Explosions to the mix.
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User Info: smeech8000

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the input. I initially took Warp ammo but felt like I might need more defense since TA works differently now.

I'm also confused by how biotic explosions work now. Singularity+warp seems to be working, but overall what powers are primers? Detonators?
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User Info: sir_fredington

4 years ago#5

User Info: BashyMcFetus

4 years ago#6
Build your sentinel however the hell you want. SP is ridiculously easy, even on insanity.
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User Info: SageOfLife

4 years ago#7
smeech8000 posted...
Thanks for the input. I initially took Warp ammo but felt like I might need more defense since TA works differently now.

I'm also confused by how biotic explosions work now. Singularity+warp seems to be working, but overall what powers are primers? Detonators?

Primers are powers with lasting effects. They are;
Singularity(unprotected enemies only)
Pull(unprotected enemies only)
Stasis(unarmored enemies only)
Lift Grenades(unprotected enemies only)
Shockwave(only with the Lifting Shockwave evolution chosen at level six and only on unprotected enemies)
Lash(unprotected enemies only)
Dark Channel

Detonators are generally powers that cause damage in a single burst. They are;
Lift Grenades
Cluster Grenades
Slam(unprotected targets only)
Lash(unprotected targets only)
Concussive Shot(only when the Amplification evolution is chosen at level six and only when the user has Warp Ammo active)

Damage is determined by the combined level of the two powers used in the combo plus any evolutions that are described as making biotic explosions more powerful. Damage from the explosion is applied after the damage from the detonator.

Explosions triggered by Concussive Shot are much weaker than others.

Because Reave is the only detonator that does not cause damage in a single burst, it's full damage is still applied over time after the explosion.

Sentinels also have access to tech bursts. There is a five second window after hitting an enemy with Overload, Energy Drain, or Sabotage, where hitting that enemy with any power that causes damage in a single burst will trigger a burst of electricity in a wide radius that causes all affected enemies to flinch and devastates shields and synthetics. The classification of the detonator is irrelevant. When using Warp as the detonator for a tech burst, the enemy is still primed for a biotic explosion, enabling both types of detonations to be used in the same combo. The Sentinel is the only class capable of doing this without bonus powers or squadmates, although proper squadmate selection does allow it to be done much faster.
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User Info: Aigonroth

4 years ago#8
Throw: Radius, Detonate, Double Throw
Warp: Detonate, Expose, Pierce
Lift Grenade: Damage, Max Grenades, Damage & Radius
Tech Armor: Durability, Power Synergy, Durability
Overload: Chain, Recharge Speed, Chain
Cryo Blast: Radius
Offensive Mastery: Force & Damage, Weight Capacity, Force & Damage
Fitness: Durability, Squad Bonus, Durability
Barrier: Barrier Strength, Power Synergy, Barrier Strength


M-37 Falcon: Extended Magazine and High Caliber Barrel
Phalanx: Scope + Armor Piercing Mod

Armor: +50% Cooldown: Rosenkov Materials set + Archon Visor.

Squad: Vega & Garrus


Arms Master: Durability, Power Damage, Squad Bonus
Carnage: Damage, Recharge Speed, Armor Damage
Incendiary Ammo: Squad, Ammo Capacity, Explosive Burst
Fortification: Durability, Power Synergy, Durability


M-37 Falcon: High Caliber Barrel
Geth Plasma Shotgun: High Caliber Barrel

Armor: +25% Weapon Damage


Turian Rebel: Weapon Damage, Power Damage, Sniper Damage
Overload: Chain, Recharge Speed, Shield Damage
Proximity Mine: Radius, Damage Taken, Damage
Concussive Shot: Damage & Force, Recharge Speed, Amplification


M-37 Falcon: High Caliber Barrel
M-98 Widow/Javelin/Black Widow: High Caliber Barrel & Concentration Module (for the extra damage)

Armor: +25% Weapon Damage

That is my full Sentinel Build.

As for Biotic Primers and Detonators

There is a full list.
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User Info: Urdnot_Runt

4 years ago#9
I like to focus on weapon damage and durability and I like Warp ammo as the bonus power so things die when I shoot them. I always use the Mattock and carnifex pistol with barrel and piercing. I keep close to 200% cooldown but I don't focus on it so much with speccing because I want to focus less on combos than I would with an adept... This is a Fun build that wrecks on insanity and plays to the spirit of the sentinel.

Throw(6): radius, detonate, double throw
Warp(6): Detonate, Expose, piercing
Overload(6): chain, neural shock, chain
Tech armor(6): damage protection, power damage, durability(the cooldowns bonus from choosing power recharge is actually really negligible)
Offensive Mastery(6): force & damage, squad bonus, power recharge
Fitness(6): durability, shield recharge, durability
Warp ammo(6): damage, headshots, damage.

Lift grenades are good but I rarely use them bother with them and I don't use cryo blast because I think freezing enemies is cheesey but whatever...

For bosses you can go overload->warp->throw and get that awesome double combo and have the durability to put out some good weapon damage between powers
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