Operation Firestorm

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User Info: HueyFreman

4 years ago#1
Operation: FIRESTORM (Feb 1st-3rd)

Event Description: The Reapers have changed their tactics in an effort to prevent us from whittling them down. As they conquer rural areas, their fighting groups are fewer but larger, making them more difficult to assail. Accordingly, we are hitting them in the cities to deliver as much damage as possible before evacuation.

Squad Goal: Earn the “Killstreak 3” squad medal. (As a squad, kill 5 enemies together 3 separate times.)

Reward: Commendation Pack

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User Info: YamatoBeats

4 years ago#2
I expected there to be a challenge involving the BF3 Soldier.

I'm disappointed.

User Info: SomboSteel

4 years ago#3
Easy time

User Info: LTferret

4 years ago#4
So just use Missiles 3 times?
Why do people run from me?

User Info: Urdnot_Runt

4 years ago#5
LTferret posted...
So just use Missiles 3 times?

Pretty much
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#6
Ever feel like something was made just for you?
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User Info: meltor13

4 years ago#7
Nafzger posted...
Ever feel like something was made just for you?

I don't really even know you, but judging from posts made about you, this made me laugh.
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User Info: Safer_777

4 years ago#8
5 enemies together?I think I have got the gold killstreak medal maybe 2 times in all my games.So it is very tough to do it.
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User Info: TheM00d

4 years ago#9
As eager as many randoms are, maybe I won't need to use my own missiles to get it.

User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#10
Time to buy some jumbos again.
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