What the hell is wrong with this class? Day 38 N7 Fury

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User Info: Charmile

4 years ago#1
N7 Fury - Results (165 votes)
Power Synergy
3.03% (5 votes)
16.36% (27 votes)
Damage Output
0.61% (1 votes)
Crap Skills
0.61% (1 votes)
0% (0 votes)
2.42% (4 votes)
Other( Please Specify)
3.03% (5 votes)
What the hell are you talking about TC, this character is just fine
29.7% (49 votes)
1.82% (3 votes)
42.42% (70 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Human Soldier-Nothing

Batarian Sentinel-Nothing

N7 Slayer-Nothing

Vorcha Sentinel-Nothing

Salarian Engineer-Crap Skills

Volus Adept-Damage Output

Geth Engineer-Nothing

Drell Adept-Health

Turian "Havoc" Soldier-It's not fair, Dark Troopers get Jump-Packs AND Arc Casters(Nothing)

Asari Vanguard-Nothing



Vorcha Engineer-We shut down machines, break fans. We're too poor to afford stylish goggles though.(Crap Skills)

QFI-Crap Skills

Human Vanguard-HAA-ARGHHHH(Nothing)

Asari Justicar-Nothing

BF3 Soldier-Product Placement(Nothing)

Human Infiltrator-Nothing


Volus Vanguard-I am a biotic god, I think things and they happen! Fear me, lesser creatures, for I am biotics made flesh!(Power Synergy)

Turian Infiltrator-The OPness it BURNS, especially that dodge

Human Sentinel-Nothing

Cerberus Adept-Nothing

Vorcha Soldier-Nothing

Asari Valkyrie-Nothing

Kroguard-FOR TUCHANKA!!!!(Nerf)

Volus Engineer-Health

Asari Infiltrator-Tactical Cloak, because when she cloaks, you can't see the goods.(Nothing)

N7 Destroyer-I am Iron Man!!(Nothing)

Batarian Vanguard-FALCON BRO-FIST(Nothing)

Krogan Shaman-Mobility

N7 Paladin-Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!(Nothing)

QME-Immune System(Nothing)

Geth Trooper-Nothing

SI-Lots of ways to help people. Sometimes revive comrades; sometimes execute dangerous people. Either way helps.(Nothing)

Human Adept-Nothing

Drell Vanguard-Health
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User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#2
Annihilation Field: The "sometimes" power.
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User Info: Zubul

4 years ago#3
Not a great class for me. Annihilation Field doesn't make up for her lack of health, in my opinion. Even with Drain constantly filling her shields, she doesn't have enough health to tank a boss the way a Valkyrie can. I assume she is supposed to play like a finesse Valkyrie?
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User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#4
charon78au posted...
Annihilation Field: The "sometimes" power.

This. It seems like AF works when it feels like it. Which coincidentally, isn't when you bum rush a spawn 15 sec after you just renewed it.

User Info: herduliekmudkip

4 years ago#5
charon78au posted...
Annihilation Field: The "sometimes" power.

"not tonight. i have a headache"
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User Info: AllDay524

4 years ago#6
From: herduliekmudkip | #005
charon78au posted...
Annihilation Field: The "sometimes" power.

"not tonight. i have a headache"

This is gonna be one of those topics ain't it? I'm fine with that.
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User Info: voiceless0_0

4 years ago#7
The Fury is magic. I've never had a problem with AF, though there has been times I deactivated the power because I thought it had timed out, only to realize my character moved a bit slower and enemies weren't getting blown up when I used throw.

As for the health thing, the Fury is meant to have low health. She would be a bit OP if she could take the same amount of gunfire as most other classes. With the Fury, you need to teleport in, blow enemies up, and then teleport out.
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User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#8
AF inversion bug when off-host.
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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#9
infinitexx posted...
AF inversion bug when off-host.

That's the only thing I can probably fault with her. It just totally sucks to run up to an enemy with shields and watch as Throw does nothing but briefly stagger them. ****

I find it interesting that Bioware made the Fury, and then proceeded to release the Valkyrie and the Huntress - both of which take one of the Fury's skills and amplify it's usability. Still, I love using the Fury on small maps like Glacier or White, where I can slip through the walls so easily...
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User Info: Finish_th_Fight

4 years ago#10
Other: Sometimes it’s very hard to tell if my AF is even on. I’d like a better visual or preferably have the AF power button icon(?) grayed out. Set it up to ether clear the gray based on the duration of the AF (slowly ticks down) or have it half grayed for those who need a little extra help… so they know they can still detonate it.

My second choice was health. I don’t expect her to be a Valkyrie but it really is too low for a class that doesn’t have a shield boost/stim pack equivalent (Ops packs don’t count that’s not a class skill). AF drain is useful but not nearly enough. I feel similarly about the Slayer but at least he has Charge.
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