if Peace is unobtainable....

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User Info: SelectGender

4 years ago#51
ToolOwnsYou posted...
You bring up excellent points, UR.

I suppose the issue turns into - are the Geth victims, or villains? They were driven to extreme measures by the Quarian attacks, but they also willingly chose to serve and be enslaved by the species that threatens to exterminate the entire galaxy. And the Geth knew that this was the Reaper goal, as Legion had shared that with them.

Geth say "survival," Quarians say "you're siding with evil and dooming the galaxy." Potato potahto?

One thing I always wondered is, why don't the Geth just leave Rannoch? Give it back? They don't have emotional or biological attachment - the Quarians clearly do.

They don't leave Rannoch because they're looking after the planet, also they're using the star of Rannoch to build their Dyson sphere so that's why they stay.
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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#52
I chose Geth, because if you don't, you're basically killing off a form of life. Quarians will lose all their ships but they won't go extinct or anything.
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User Info: ozzyman314

4 years ago#53
GoldenSWarriors posted...
I chose Geth, because if you don't, you're basically killing off a form of life. Quarians will lose all their ships but they won't go extinct or anything.

Uh, yes actually they will go extinct. Without their ships they literally have nothing.

So you're saying it is better to save something that is technically alive, as oppose to people that physically are?
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User Info: dragonkyn20

4 years ago#54
this is definitely a hard choice, but I would have to go with the quarians. Sure, they are at fault for attempting to kill the Geth when they began to question their creators and attain individuality, but the geth can eventually be recreated by the quarians, not the other way around.
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User Info: Zukkus

4 years ago#55
Urdnot_Runt posted...
Zukkus posted...

They're a tool; a weapon. Nothing more.

Do you really think it's that simple? I mean, the geth are part organic and it's even mentioned in the series that the geth have neural networks. They teeter on the edge of sentience and while in the timeframe of ME1 they may not be people(yet) but they are more than just machines. The narrative goes to great lengths to establish that the geth (and edi) are more than the some of their parts, much like you could say we are more than the sum of electrical impulses and chemical reactions.

That's just my personal view. I don't think a theoretical self-aware machine is on the same level as a sentient being. Nor will it ever be. I don't care if robots have religions and governments, they're not people and never will be. Like I said, a self-aware line of code is still just a line of code. I don't view EDI as a real person, either. The whole Joker-EDI thing is an extremely unhealthy relationship.
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User Info: spfurm01

4 years ago#56
The issue with comparing the Geth to cars/lawnmowers/etc is that they weren't created for that purpose. They were created as an entity with the capability to receive orders and perform labor.

If I built an android with the capability to become an individual and then it started to develop individuality I shouldn't really be that surprised.
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
4 years ago#57
Geth, I hate the Quarians. Throughout the whole series, I never used Tali except when forced to.
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User Info: Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow
4 years ago#58
For me, the quarians. My thoughts certainly don't work for everyone, but if I were somehow given that choice in real life, I would side against the machines every time.
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User Info: ArwingMaster

4 years ago#59
Doe any one else find it odd, that despite the series' strong anit-prejudice, that many people base their arguments on what ammounts to irrational prejudice?
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User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

4 years ago#60
Geth. It's not to totally blame the Quarians but it's a case of the lesser of two evils.
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