Less Volus, Please.....

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User Info: spoileddaddy

4 years ago#1
Can't speak for everyone else, but I personally have had nothing but bad experiences with random Volus. I don't like the one's available now, don't want to see any more. Okay, I'll get down off my soapbox now.........*trips getting off box...faceplant*

User Info: XenoSuikoden

4 years ago#2
*shield boost*

User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#3
I will agree the average volus player is terrible. But honestly, randoms are generally terrible with just about any class with even a minor learning curve. I like to judge a class by its potential, not its failures.

If they make the new volus unique I don't see any reason not to welcome them.

User Info: donkeyofdestiny

4 years ago#4
Race means absolutely nothing in this game.

At release it would determine your base health/shields, your melee, your dodges, your weight capacity, your passive skill (in some cases fitness), and (in a few cases) your movement speed. They changed that with the balance changes and dlcs.

Some of the new humans have more than 500/500 health/shields and some have unique dodges and melees. The drell do not all have the same weight capacity. The new turians are clearly different from the old ones. The newer Krogans have more health, but slower walking speed. The asari have different passives.

Only the Volus, Salarians, and Vorcha have no differences (other than powers) between the different members of their races.
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User Info: Kirbopher13

4 years ago#5
I agree, partially.

Less Volus Vanguards/Sentinels, more Volus Adepts/Engineers.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#6
Volus have this stigma, because they're, at first glance and under a bad player, quite weak. Easily downed and with poor damage output. They're actually really awesome though and a good player can tank with them quite well. Not only that but they're brilliant medics and have such a versatile range of skills to bring to the game.

Bad players will always be bad though. I've played with TGIs and GIs and Geth Troopers and Paladins and Furys and so on and so forth that do terrible; die all the time, use bad loadouts and don't seem to be doing half as much damage as their character is capable (making it apparent they're not speccing them correctly) etcetera, etcetera.

I don't care what races or classes we get in the next DLC, as long as they have good power synergy or bring something new to the plate (either new powers or old ones used in new ways, i.e. the Huntress). No more Vorcha Engineers or Turian Saboteurs.
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User Info: SSJGrimReaper

4 years ago#7
Random Slayers are worse, dat biotic slash spam

User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#8
A bad player can make a TGI useless, and a good player can make the Mercenary a top scorer. I have no problem with the Volus characters, and if they were to release more in the future, I'd be OK with that.

(Well, actually, I wouldn't, but that's only because I'm dying for more salarians, female turians, some Ex-Cerb characters, etc...)
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User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#9
Demand a quality volus player from your store. Accept nothing less.

Mr Reaper is on the nail with that. Disturbing lack of PD on random slayers.

I demand a nubcake lock be put on certain characters. Biower pls....
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User Info: twinstarnumber1

4 years ago#10
randoms with anything can be bad, and yes the majority of volus players out there aren't very good at their job. They can be good and i've ran into plenty of competent volus players. I do like them, but we've already got 4 of them, and they're mostly garbage characters. Four is more than enough especially when any more would just be more of the same, random or garbage powers just thrown together in a cheap attempt at increasing the character numbers. We could definitely use more Salarians and Quarians before we get more Volus.
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