Just had my worst Gold game yet >_< #blogfaqs

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User Info: FeatherShard

4 years ago#1
The original post quickly turned into almost a fan-fiction sort of thing, so here's the tl;dr version since I know no one cares: Start match with three people, one quits, other guy is a doofus. Two more people join on the ass end of wave two, both just as bad as the first, and proceed to do little more than die and try to get me killed reviving them. I'm forced to solo the better part of most waves and in the end receive nothing for my efforts thanks to Collector Freeze.
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User Info: FeatherShard

4 years ago#2
First of all, the game started with three people - evidently our fourth guy left while I wasn't paying attention. 'No big deal,' I think. 'Three people isn't too bad, and we should pick up a fourth before wave three.' So we load up and find out we pulled Reactor/Collectors. Now, this is almost ideal for me; I'm a Turian soldier w/ max capacity Hurricane, AP ammo, and stabilizer. Long lanes of fire with multiple paths to escape along and lots of solid cover, and against an enemy with big weak spots to boot.

Unfortunately our third man didn't feel the same way and backed out almost as soon as the first wave started, leaving me alone with an under-qualified N7 adept. I'm still feeling confident though as this is my best class and Collectors are my best match-up. I tell the Fury not to stick to me and not get separated. His response? Run off and try to BE everything in sight, including a possessed abomination right off the bat. Seeing a zombie go nuclear right in his face must have wizened him up a bit, as he tried to keep a bit more distance after that. Didn't do him much good - guy still stood out in the open and tried to soak enemy fire like he was a Krogan. Did my best to keep him up, if only so that the bugs had something other than me to shoot at.

Anyway, the better part of those first two waves passed without much change when things suddenly get real laggy. At first I thought we were victims of the freeze glitch, but it cleared up soon enough. I look towards the LZ and see a pair of blue silhouettes. Also, a big blue ball surrounded by orange silhouettes. I suddenly regretted not bringing that Adrenaline Module with me. Even without it I managed to get to the LZ and clear out the remaining Collectors before they could take out the new guys. Thankful for some reinforcement, I look 'em both over before the start of the next wave: Vorcha and another Turian, this one an engineer. Could have asked for better, but it's more guns and more meat, so I'll take what I can get.

Wave three starts and it's a package delivery. Not too bad, at least it's something I can handle myself if the new guys turn out just as bad as the Fury. It's also all the way across the facility. Bracing myself for a long trip, I haul ass through the reactor and grab the package. Before I can even turn around I get two notices that team mates are already down. There's no way I can get to them with this thing strapped to my back, so I just forge ahead and hope the other guy can revive them. By the time package one is secure, one of the team has already been executed and I can't even find the other two for all of Collectors surrounding me.

As I'm trying to clear the LZ, I hear the first bit of genuinely good news since this whole thing started - package two has been picked up and is on the move. Not much I can do from where I'm at, but at least I can make sure he has an easy drop-off when he gets here. For the next ninety seconds I unloaded enough firepower for an entire platoon. It didn't even register with me that the objective had been completed until I ran out of things to shoot at.
Dreams aren't paid for with prayer - we pay for them with sacrifice.
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User Info: FeatherShard

4 years ago#3
The next two waves go about the way I had come to expect - two to three team mates bite it at the start of each wave, and eventually I either can't keep up with revives, or it's just too dangerous to try. Each wave ends with me fighting off the better part of the enemy alone, because apparently no one else on the team is carrying Medi-Gel. I shudder to think at the other possibility: that they had somehow managed to blow through their gel so quickly that I didn't even catch it. Not saying I was turning in a perfect performance myself, but the one time I managed to check scores (not sure when I did so) I was on my way to 150,000 while no one else had breached 20k.

Wave six, devices. I knew this was going to end poorly as soon as it came up. Sure enough, two guys got themselves sync-killed (one of whom got it from a Scion) before I even managed to finish with the first device. Number three ate it and had a Praetorian sitting on top of him - no way I was even gonna try it. So for devices two through four, it was me against the world. Good thing we weren't fighting Cerberus, or there was no way I was getting even one of them.

Wave seven starts and I take stock of my inventory: 4 thermal clip packs, 2 cobras, and a single ops pack and medi-gel each. At this rate it felt unlikely that I could continue trying to take on half to two thirds of a wave by myself, so I started putting extra effort into keeping the other guys alive. Worked pretty well, but there's only so much you can do when they cluelessly stand on a cluster of grenades and don't even attempt to save themselves. Maybe they figured that I took myself for some kind of hotshot and this was their way of telling me to f-off. Maybe they'd spent so much time on standby that they stopped caring. Not sure what they were thinking really. Didn't matter, because right before the wave ended I found myself on the receiving end of that damned freeze glitch I was worried about earlier.
Dreams aren't paid for with prayer - we pay for them with sacrifice.
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Okay, I actually took the time to read through all your posts because I honestly found the story to be pretty interesting. And yeah, that seriously sucks, it sounds like you got paired up with some seriously bad randoms.

Just a few weekend challenges ago (the one where you had to get a revive medal), I also did a Gold/Collectors/Reactor match and completed the challenge within a single wave, but the other 3 players actually pulled their own weight, mowing down enemies and completing objectives pretty efficiently, and we made full extraction. I didn't even need to use a medigel as the other players would quickly rushed up and revive me within a few seconds of getting downed, without jeapordizing their own safety.

If I'd gotten your squadmates though, I think I'd probably have ragequit out of sheer annoyance.

User Info: GrayZStarr

4 years ago#5
You poor soul.

All you need to do is remember that it could have been worse.

User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#6
That sounds like every match I've been in today.

5 wave 10 wipes. By wave 6 in each I just decided gelling wasn't worth it.

I want to start smoking again.

Anyhoo obligatory chilly yarn broheim. I know your pain.
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User Info: Zubul

4 years ago#7
Ugh that's horrible... I don't know what possessed you to stay in that game, I would have left after seeing a Saboteur join, maybe earlier.

Also, what is the Collector Freeze glitch?
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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#8
That's the kind of match that makes me turn off the game and call it a night.
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Now that I think about it, one of my worst experiences (although not on the same level as the TC's) would'v been a Gold/Glacier/Cerberus match a couple of months back or so.

1 player (who was actually pretty decent) either ragequit or got disconnected within the first 3 waves, while the other two (I think they were an Adept and Engineer, can't recall which races) somehow had the idea that they were walking tanks and kept running into large enemy groups with weapons blazing, only to get downed several times each wave, resulting in them blowing through their medigels in record time. They did admittedly cause some damage, but they also had no regards for their safety.

It also didn't help that they'd run off to take up positions at completely opposite ends of the map before the start of each wave instead of sticking fairly close together to see where enemies would spawn, and so this seriously messe up spawn points and more often than not I'd find a pack of Dragoons and Nemeses suddenly standing less than 15 feet away from me.

Wave 6 started, and it was device activation. Within the first minute or two, *both* of them got OHKOed by Phantoms thanks to their refusal to stick together, and it was up to me to activate the devices. I managed to get three of them, but when I went to look for the 4th one it turned out to be just inside the front/main entrance of the structure (the one with several terminals within), and it was swarming with Phantoms and Engineers. To make matters worse, they'd already set up two Turrets, both which were less than 5 feet from the device.

I promptly decided to call it a night. >_<

User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#10
I actually took the time to read that, and it was a pretty interesting story.

Sounds like a few of the experiences I've had in MP. It's one of those matches that seriously makes you want to quit the game for a few days and come back to it with a fresh mind...
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