What is the most stupid and embarrassing section in the story for you?(spoilers)

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User Info: Destin

4 years ago#41
3PiesAndAFork posted...
Like you said, Liara was the only one who did something, but that something was, quite frankly, the only thing that mattered in the end.

yes, but it's not like she was inventing or creating something that needed a set amount of time, it's completely arbitrary how long it took her to find something that's been sitting there for literally tens of thousand of years. while everything else that happened just served to extend the drama and make everything more difficult.

MassEffectDude posted...
Im pretty sure that the relay he blew up was basically a backdoor into a number of systems and would have made the reapers conquest that much easier. But other than that you make some good points. (not sarcastic ... only adding this because I read it back to myself sarcastically)

it's not a backdoor, it's just any other relay, which means the instant they hit that system, they would've instantly jumped to Pluto, Thessia, Palaven and all of those other places that was hit at the start of ME3. basically the start of ME3 with your crew still together, without a Cerberus army, without the Geth and Quarian shooting at each other. a delay before a war benefits the side that uses it to better prepare (and that side was not Shepard's).
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User Info: Inxentas

4 years ago#42
Citadel: The Return
For future reference: landing in active vulcanoes tends to fry our sensors and melt our hull.

User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#43
Udina - I liked Udina, but I didn't like what they did to him in ME3. They should have just kept him as just the dick politician that fights for results and knows what he is doing, and can get the job done when needed, and could have been a valuable asset. So just make him a villain just because he's a dick and to kill him off, it just felt they took the cheap way out.

TIM - He was amazing in ME2, but by the end of ME3, turning him into Saren 2.0. It would been cool if we had the option to work with him in stopping the reapers together, with his ends justify the means methods, and getting results in a questionable way.

TIM going after Shepard should have depended on the ending of ME2

Paragon: TIM sees this as a betrayal. All the time and resources poured into the mission, bringing shep to life, providing him with a ship, intel, etc, have gone down the drain as Shepard blows away the ultimate weapon to stopping the reapers, and Shepard telling him to screw off after all they have accomplished together, and what TIM has done for shep.

Renegade: TIM has what he really wants. He wants to cut loose ends and wants no witnesses. He sees Shepard as these, and as a liability, is now expendable, had fulfilled his sole purpose, and could compromise TIM's own goals and methods into stopping the reapers since shep is back in the alliance again.

But here's another thing that bugs me: at the end of ME2, you can choose to still work with TIM, and throughout ME2 you can agree with TIM and his methods, yet in ME3 no matter what you're only given the option of disagreeing with him. What's the point of renegade? First TIM wants to destroy the reapers, now all of a sudden he wants to control them? Indoctrination is such a cop out.

Also, why is Earth so special? Why do we specifically have to take back that one planet? What makes Earth more special than Palaven, or Thessia? If my country was under attack, and an American comes to my country, asks for my top general for his country under attack, I'd tell him to screw off.
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User Info: Cyckness

4 years ago#44
I love this topic. Tracked.

And God, there is so many things to choose from... but I think I'll just say Cerberus and Sur'Kesh.

Remember all the time and effort ME2 spent in getting us to see things on the side of the "terrorists"? We got to see the good that Cerberus did and how, through their extremism and ruthlessness, they put a stop to galaxy-wide colony abduction plot? Remember how that painted Cerberus in a different light and showed The Illusive Man to be more than just a mindless bad guy?

Yeah, me neither.

Now he just kind of wants to kill a fertile female Krogan for no reason.

Oh, and now they have the military force to storm the Salarian homeworld for no reason.

Hey, Illusy baby, couldn't your seemingly bottomless supply of warfare be put to better use in stuff that has to with the Reaper invasion? It just seems like you have a lot on your plate already... its sort of silly of you to divert good military force to a problem that doesn't even directly effect you or humanity. The Krogans only really had beef with Salarian and Turians. Humans had nothing to do with the Genophage. Why are you trying to stop the cure? 6 months ago, when you still had your wits about you, I could see you trying to make a deal with the Genophage-free Krogans against the other races. What benefit does invading Sur'Kesh bring you? By killing the Krogan's only hope you're just going to have a bunch of pissed-off Krogans on your back. What's more, the Salarians wi- please, Illusy, be mature about this. Covering your ears and singing loudly won't make me go away.
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User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#45
Aside from everything listed here:

Admiral Anderson.

Seriously I have to read in a codec to figure out why the man isn't the human counselor for my story.

Anderson doesn't tell you, the council doesn't tell you, Udina doesn't tell you. The game just carries on as if Udina were the counselor this whole time.

And at earth when Anderson says, "you were a council spectre. That should count for something." My initial thought was "that is why I picked you." In fact he helped me get BACK my spectre status. It's like HE doesn't even know it happened.
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#46
How about the Rachni, probably the most monumental choice in the whole series, getting reduced to a sidequest, and having no effect in the story whatsoever?

Or Cerberus managing to salvage the human reaper, despite seeing everything getting vaporized if you destroyed the base?

People says that renegade is disappointing in this game, and now I see why.
Snitsky's Condoms. If she get's pregnant, it's not your fault.

User Info: MrPibbRules

4 years ago#47
Do I have to choose? lol. Man I dunno, Im pretty forgiving when it comes to plot holes and stupid moments, but there were a bunch of things that bugged me. Mostly little things that added up over time.So...here's my top three:

3.) The Giant Threshar Maw, dont remember its name nor do I care. I can believe this thing exist, I can even believe you could get it to fight a reaper, those are not my problems, they are two fold: 1. It is a mini deus ex machina meant to wrap up the mission. Maybe I missed it at some point, but Im pretty sure this was the first time the thjing was ever mentioned, it seemed to exist as a super convenient weapon and 2. It killed the Reaper. Im sorry, I went from thinking that the fight was epic and somewhat creative to having my suspension of disbelief broken in like, 30 seconds.

2.) The Racchni Queen. Not only was this choice reduced to a side mission that was essentially the same regardless of player choice, it didn't even bother to have much, what I like to call, story flair. My shep kept saying "I let it go on the condition that it never return", I remember when I first heard that line, I stood up and shouted "NO! My shep let it go because I thought it could be a powerful ally, something I reinforced in ME2!" They could have at least tried to let me get my characters motivations right, but why role play in an rpg?

and the number one spot goes to...

1.) Anything directly involving Kai Leng. I really tried, I mean really. Before the game came out, I was such an optimist, and, despite hating his character in the book, tried to defend his position in the game. He found ways to suck out fun in what was otherwise enjoyable/interesting sections.
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User Info: Destin

4 years ago#48
Carribean_Cool posted...
Also, why is Earth so special? Why do we specifically have to take back that one planet? What makes Earth more special than Palaven, or Thessia? If my country was under attack, and an American comes to my country, asks for my top general for his country under attack, I'd tell him to screw off.

there was nothing special about Earth, at least nothing convincing that Bioware was actually able to present, but the second part is the convincing argument of why the Reapers won all the previous other cycles. divide and conquer always seems to work, everyone is always telling everyone else to screw off so they all end up losing to the Reapers in the end.
Destin the Valiant

User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#49
The refuse ending. My dad walked in before I picked it and said "You can't even do anything right in video games."

Then he beat me and mom OMG WORST BIRTHDAY EVER

User Info: melvin343

4 years ago#50
As far as stupid and embarrassing goes, I got to say Shepard got caught by Wrex on the Citadel. The Scene was mess up, Shepard is such a terrible Liar, Wrex seems to know about what will happen if his Brother was in charge, Wrex says Ashley is not around to do your dirty work but how did you know about that, and Wrex use the Claymore but miss, then he switch to the Graal shotgun then back to Claymore. None of this Scene made any since but it was funny that at first, I thought that was Steve running his mouth to Wrex before that C-Sec got krogslap.
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