Rate the Weapon Day 5: Arc Pistol

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User Info: Hui_Tian

4 years ago#21
i will assist in the bumping

as per people not liking charge weapons.. I can understand that impression.. I dispised the KiShock Harpoon gun and Arc Pistol until I was able to run Gold Games regularly (a measure of how long it took me to like them, not skill). They do take some getting used to, and they're a pain to use on certain classes that use Right Bumper Powers a lot... but once you get around to figuring them out, you'll fall in love with 'em =)

User Info: Jedi_Mercenary

4 years ago#22
I only love the Arc Pistol of the charge weapons. The Acolyte is probably still a good weapon, but I will not keep the trigger down for an entire match. I do use the Graal and GPS, but mostly I shoot without charging.
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