Looking for people to play with.

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User Info: Flame_Hound173

4 years ago#1
So I'm gonna go out on a limb here. None of my friends play this game, and everyone here seems nice, so I figured, 'Why not?'

Here's my profile:

I don't have much in the way of characters or weapons so I usually just use my Human Adept. I can handle myself on Silver. I don't have much experience on Gold, but I'm willing to try. I also have a mic, if anyone wants to know.

I realize that most people here are at a skill level above my own, but I figured that I'd rather have people to play with and talk to instead of continuously playing with randoms constantly. In my experience, that makes it more entertaining. I also hoped that if people didn't mind, I could get feedback, since I'm still learning.

Or maybe by doing this, I've just made a complete fool of myself.
-"A pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist."

User Info: Spartan070

4 years ago#2
You can add me I'm on regularly. Won't be on for another 2 and a half hours though, at work.
Gamertag: grvmnd

User Info: DividerByZero

4 years ago#3
GT's in my sig. If I'm on I'm willing to play ME, for the most part.

I'm also on now.

User Info: Flame_Hound173

4 years ago#4
Both of you have been added, thanks. Anyone else is free to throw in their lot as well, if they so wish.
-"A pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist."

User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#5
You can add me if you like. I've been playing a lot since returning from a lengthy hiatus a few weeks ago.

I play all difficulties regularly.
(Im)mature Aussie gamer. Don't pay the ferry man. Don't even fix a price.
GT: Charon78

User Info: jsb660

4 years ago#6
You can add me as well. GT is on my profile.

User Info: Zubul

4 years ago#7
Add me if you want. I can play up to Gold, haven't tried Platinum. Don't have a mic though.
Tom Brady for NFL MVP! // GT: I Am Torx
Formerly known as Random_Guy93

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#8
GT: Mr Pipboy

I like gold and Platinum
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
www.Omega-level.net | Salarian Sniper King

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#9
Flame_Hound173 posted...
everyone here seems nice

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User Info: NilesMonkey

4 years ago#10

Gamertag: Niles2828
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