can someone...(ending spoilers)

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User Info: xRDWGx

4 years ago#1
explain what the heck is going on with the ending choices?
i didn't do the extended ending at all, i wanted to play through normally first.
-what were the choices?
-how many were there?
-and what did they mean when you picked them?
i chose the red one on the right but had no clue what i picked.
it's all my fault really, i was just too damn sleepy when it was time to pay attention :(

OR can someone link me to the proper page that explains the endings?
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User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#2
Red: destroy the reapers and all synthetic life - including the geth and EDI.

Blue: control the reapers. Stop them from killing everything.

Green: Fuse all organic and synthetic life with space magic. Creating a utopian community where everyone has green eyes and circuitry for veins.

The main difference is the colour of the explosions. Now go get the EC - apparently it's much better.
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User Info: Wii0player

4 years ago#3
Red=The Destroy ending, you killed the Reapers, at the cost of also killing all synthetic life..meaning the Geth and EDI.

Alternatively you could've picked,

Blue- The Control ending, Shepard gives his life to become the new leader of the Reapers and uses them to help rebuild the galaxy.


Green- Synthesis, Shepard sacrifices himself to make Organics part synthetic, and synthetic part organics. This means no more organic/synthetic conflicts apparently, and the galaxy becomes a utopia.
"In Mass Effect 3, the path to victory is less clear at the outset. You wont just find some long-lost Reaper off button."-Casey ******* Hudson.

User Info: xRDWGx

4 years ago#4
you both are amazing.
that's exactly what i needed.
thank you!
98% morphine // 2% swamp gas
Just install the Extended Cut, the choices are elaborated upon in far greater detail.
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