Why would people CHOOSE to fight Geth?

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User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#1
Ran into a lot of random PUGs lately where whoever was leader had Geth as the enemy. Still random location, but they choose to fight the most obnoxiously difficult enemy in the game. In the 3 Gold matches I played against Geth yesterday I say more curving rockets, homing lasers, and stunlock deaths than I could shake a stick at.

My question is, Do any of you enjoy fighting against the Geth? I would rather fight Collectors, or Phantoms that ride Brutes than to fight the damn Geth.
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User Info: chill 02

chill 02
4 years ago#2
The only annoying enemy in the faction are the bombers.
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User Info: SSJGrimReaper

4 years ago#3
Nah I'd fight Geth over Collectors any day
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User Info: Spirit_Godd

4 years ago#4
It's all good for me if I am a Krogan Vanguard (rarely) or N7 Destroyer. Other than that, I prefer to start on other factions.
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User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#5
He was probably grinding the geth challenge.
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User Info: SelectGender

4 years ago#6
Maybe they're trying to get the challenge points, or they could have a set up that works well against Geth, or maybe they actually like Geth, who knows. :/
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User Info: Urdnot_Runt

4 years ago#7
I never choose geth but I roll with it when they come up randomly.

I don't really like them because they are both cheap/frustrating as well as boring and uninteresting.
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User Info: CyberCerberus

4 years ago#8
I love fighting the Geth. They're so flimsy and slow when you know how to spawn trap them, albeit they can do a tonne of damage quickly if you don't keep moving. The bombers are annoying and they single handedly transformed the Geth into a camper/farmers faction into a run and gun faction.

The ability to dodge is also a must when playing them and you haven't in a while. Batarians and Krogans (bar Kroguard) will have a really bad time.
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User Info: MegaTape13

4 years ago#9
Geth are by far my least favorite faction, ever since they let Hunters and Primes stunlock the daylights out of most classes. It can get infuriating off-host.

I only purposely fight Geth when I want an easy game with a class that completely craps all over them, like the Kroguard or MQE. So they're nice for mid-level leveling after promoting my Vanguards or Engineers.

I was thrown into a Geth/Gold/Condor game yesterday and lasted like 2 waves before quitting. Between the lag, the map, and 2 Rocket Troopers firing 5 rockets at me over the course of ~1 second, I just gave up and turned off my xbox.
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User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#10
SelectGender posted...
they could have a set up that works well against Geth, or maybe they actually like Geth, who knows. :/


I wish buddy, I wish my teammates would have had a great Geth killing setup. But in those Geth matches I ended up soloing at least a few rounds.
GT: THE Terry May
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