Why would people CHOOSE to fight Geth?

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User Info: invidoverlord

4 years ago#21
acolyte + Flamer armor build = win against the geth.......its those dang collectors that i never CHOOSE to fight.........its wrong when your able to burn down the bosses of the other three factions with just one vorcha but when i face the praetorian it takes 3 just to see the armor bars move as fast as any other boss......
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User Info: roo10158

4 years ago#22
Racism towards flashlights
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User Info: PuzzledPacifist

4 years ago#23
Maybe its a playstyle thing but I feel that Geth are much easier to complete games against than the other 3 simply because of their lack of sync kills.

User Info: gunhole

4 years ago#24
in the interest of my blood pressure and anger management, I avoid geth if possible. a very large % of my rage gels/rockets happen vs. them.

and if UUG turns out to be GGG and my kit isn't geared for them, I might just quit. **** that noise...

User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#25
I don't struggle with them much. I extracted all of those matches, and scored really well. But I had to use a few more medi gels and ops packs than I would usually against any other faction
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User Info: AnonyMouseX

4 years ago#26
The geth are a cheeseball faction. Collectors are harder, but far less infuriating, because at least they play by the rules. I don't mind losing to collectors. I HATE losing to geth, because they usually "win" by ignoring stasis/pull/lash, triple-shotting rockets, stunlocking you into oblivion, sniping through impossibly small hairline cracks in the wall, flaming you even when you're out of the fire's range, and all sorts of other shenanigans.

If players did half the **** the geth do, we'd get banned.

The only people saying they're "easy" are the one who are using cheeseball tactics, like chain overload or kroguards. Either of the two makes geth a joke and, IMO, cheapens the experience. I'd rather just skip them altogether. There's no middle ground when facing the geth: they're either cheesing you to death or you're steamrolling them with cheeseball tactics of your own. Where's the fun in that?

Least balanced faction, IMO.

User Info: ZechsPeacecraft

4 years ago#27
SSJGrimReaper posted...
Nah I'd fight Geth over Collectors any day
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User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#28
The geth are by far the easiest faction to deal with - at least for me.

I was recently grinding out the geth challenges, and was setting up lobbies as you describe. Although, I don't recall bumping into you.
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User Info: bman52480

4 years ago#29
I host Geth/Gold credit runs every night.

Krogan vanguard is basically immortal against geth, and I found it to be the most reliable way for me to get to extraction on gold in PUGs-without using any gear or consumables.

Not the fastest way to get credits, but I never have to use gel or consumable gear pre-match.

Also grinding the map challenges, so I intentionally select the maps I don't have gold waves completed.

When I'm tired of the kroguard I switch back to U/U/P matches with something more fun.
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
4 years ago#30
I do not like the Geth except when going solo since they can't auto-kill, but I very rarely end up in a random match with Geth. For some reason people almost always pick Cerberus. They're pretty boring, I prefer fighting Reapers and Collectors.
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