Any tips for someone who's starting multiplayer today?

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User Info: rfr6073

4 years ago#21
Some tips that were not mentioned yet.

Enemies spawn at fixed locations on a map, each map has around 6 of those locations. Get to know them. The enemy will always try to spawn at a location where neither you nor any of your teammates has a direct line of sight on. Knowing this and looking at where your teammates are at the start of the wave, you can predict where they will come from.

Experienced players playing flamer, grenade or adept classes often have attack patterns and routes they take on a map. Each wave you see them position themselves at a certain position and then run in a certain direction as soon as the wave starts. They are rushing and nuking those spawn points with their area effect powers. You can follow them around for a while and learn from that.

Another important learning point is to use soft cover and the right hand advantage. Soft cover means you are standing behind an object or wall but you make no contact with it (because then you would be using it as hard cover). Doing this shields you from most incoming fire while still having mobility.
Combine this with the right hand advantage. All your powers and gunfire are released from your right hand. You can stick this right hand slightly out of the soft cover so you can hit the enemy. But because your body is mostly behind cover, they cannot hit you back (well unless they lob grenades or homing powers at you).
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User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#22
omni_science posted...
And whatever you do, never listen to Psyrencall. His messages are full of bad advices and reek of bad attitude. He thinks his opinions are facts, and every time he speaks, he tries to prove that he is better than you.

Lol =p.

Since 2011, I've grown to like the "kua" man. Can be harsh, but does make good points often enough. Us vets eventually get jaded, and know each others personas. The rule for me tho, is don't treat new users in the same fashion as they're not familiar with everyone.

The newer watermelon fellow tho, I don't know. Like Wrex said, "You should eat them!". Some days I wish Wrex would eat him.
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User Info: HOLyBlindSHOT

4 years ago#23
Just be a good team mate. Don't gank kills especially on big enemies. One thing for me is to have a solid balance for the team. i.e. a couple biotics a tech character and someone who can take lots of damage such as a soldier. This is my preference, not everyone is as much as a balance freak as I am.
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User Info: Jinteisama

4 years ago#24
The MP in this game is boring crap so you should just stop before you even get started.

User Info: blutoblutarskyX

4 years ago#25
just play and ignore the obnoxious a holes who seem to just put too much effort and mental effort into the game.

its a video game meant to be fun. you are competing against fictional digital enemies. its not like you are in a boxing ring going at it or playing football or basketball that people should even be so upset.

don't get frustrated just remember its supposed to be fun even if you are the weakest member on the team you still get the same crap at the end, just try to do your best to kill stuff do objectives and help people when they are down.

its really not that hard.

User Info: TheProdigal713

4 years ago#26
Thanks for the help guys. Played a lot today and I feel like I've got the hang of it. Bronze mostly, but made it to extraction a few times on silver thanks to a bad ass team we had going.

Expect FRs those who left their GTs for me, and again, thanks.

Lets get that money!
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