Most annoying reapers game ever.

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User Info: BashyMcFetus

4 years ago#1
For some reason, I couldn't take cover, and both brutes and ravagers were invisible. They could both still hit me, though. It's bad enough when the shot indicator doesn't show up. It's even worse when the nothing is shooting at you.
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User Info: Spartan070

4 years ago#2
Played a Cerb game the other day as Voldept, I was the only one who could see Phantoms. Had to take on all of them solo, which really was a snooze actually on Silver with Stasis.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#3
Yes. Don't you love when that happens?
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User Info: Tfour

4 years ago#4
At least it wasn't a Glowing Crab. Those things like that are a big pain.
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  3. Most annoying reapers game ever.

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