MP Best Weapon for Engineer and Infiltrator?

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User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#1
I got my Engineer to level 20 yesterday and started silver. I have Katana at X, but... I find myself dying and it's not doing a lot of damage. I'm pretty sure I'm close enough for shotgun range. Do normal engineers use shotguns? I'm thinking of not even equipping a weapon since I use Incinerate and Overlord most of the time to kill things. Tried gold, even worse with the Katana...

From that, I felt sad that I wasn't getting any more EXP after the fight and I decided to start a Infiltrator. I have Mantis X and it did okay on Bronze. Went to do silver, but not as effective. What's some better? I don't want something weak, but 1 hit kills if it's head shot.

Also, I'm not at that point yet, but can Rare and Ultra Rare weapons get ranked up to X as well? Ugh... how long does that take?

Is it normal for people starting out to constantly play Bronze and Silver in order to get those Spectre Packs? Or should I just play just Silver?

Bronze -> Recruit, until maxed a few weapons?
Silver -> Veteran, until maxed...?
Gold -> Spectre, until maxed...?

User Info: sir_fredington

4 years ago#2
The human engineer is more of a power-based class, as opposed to a weapons-based class. It's a great class to start off with, since you likely won't have the best equipment in the beginning.

Do you know about the weight system in this game? How about power combos? Learn about these and you'll become much more effective. For example, you probably want to equip a lighter weapon than a shotgun, so that you can use your powers more frequently as an engineer.

The katana doesnt do that much damage and is one of the lesser shotguns in the game. The mantis however, is actually a pretty good starter gun, especially if you have it at x.

All guns can be leveled to x, you just have to keep buying packs. It can take a very long time, however.

If you're just starting out, I wouldn't recommend playing gold. Buy some veteran packs, with the occasional spectre or premium spectre packs until you get better at the game or get better equipment.

User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#3
Your Mantis is a good weapon for starting infiltrators until you get a Widow, Black Widow, Javelin, or Kishock. If you unlock a good shotgun they also work superbly on infiltrators.

For your engineer I would suggest an Avenger X until you unlock more weapons. He's very flexible, just pick your favorite gun with roughly +140% recharge or better.

Overload > incinerate = Tech Burst
Incinerate > Overload = Fire Explosion

User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#4
Yeah, that's why I'm thinking about equipping anything for my Engineer. Heck, I only have that Mantis on my Infiltrator. I see no point in taking a pistol or shotgun when I'm staying behind my team and picking off the enemy far away.

About those combos, don't I need to coordinate with a teammate to pull that kind of thing off? I can't use Overlord and then Incinerate instantly at the same time. I have wait, right? So I can't create those unless I have a mic and a teammate with said skill? I read it in the MP FAQ, but I'm still confused.

Yeah, that's what I thought. I liked the name so I assumed that it was a worthwhile weapon for Engineer. I'll use the Avenger then. I think I also have that to X already. I just want to get better equipments since I'm bored of opening Recruits. I only get that character EXP ones majority of the time.

Is it ideal to buying pattern of Recruit -> Veteran -> Spectre -> PSP -> Recruit, etc...? Or should I just stick with Vet -> Vet -> Spectre/PSP? -> Vet -> Vet, etc...?

User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#5
A power combo requires a "primer" and a "detonator". Some powers only prime, some only detonate, and some do both. No power can create a combo with itself.

Each ability has its own length of time in which it primes a target. For the human engineer, Overload has a relatively short priming window (3seconds I think) while incinerate has a much larger window. If you have a fast enough cool down you will have no problem doing it on your own.

The path I took was buy recruits until I had all my commons, then a mixture of veterans and specter packs.

User Info: Nacht004

4 years ago#6
KADFC posted...
Is it ideal to buying pattern of Recruit -> Veteran -> Spectre -> PSP -> Recruit, etc...? Or should I just stick with Vet -> Vet -> Spectre/PSP? -> Vet -> Vet, etc...?

When starting out, buy Recruit Packs first until you max out all of your common weapons. From there, buy Veterans until you max out all your uncommon weapons, and maybe even the equipment. Once that's all done, just buy either Premium Spectre Packs, Arsenal Packs, or Reserve packs based on if you want weapons, character, or an equal shot at either/or.

Just so you're aware the strongest starter humans are the Engineer and the Vanguard (if played correctly). Keep to silver games until you get tech bursts down and maybe get some better weapons. Keep the weapon weight light for any power-based class, which means Engineers and Adepts generally.
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User Info: Dethuli

4 years ago#7
Just a quick tip for your Infiltrator: weight really doesn't matter. Cloak cooldown is determined by how long you remain cloaked, and as long as you de-cloak immediately after cloaking, your cooldown will be around 3 seconds. The damage boost from cloak remains for about 1-1.5 seconds after de-cloaking, so its usually best to cloak > use power > fire weapon > repeat.
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