Criteria for next Weekend Challenge

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User Info: BiggyDX

4 years ago#1
This is just an idea, but given that Bioware gave us a much more specific task to complete I figured they might as well try another. So here's my idea.

Operation Deadly Approach

Operation: We've seen a steady increase in Cerberus long range weaponry. As such, our Assault and Sniper Rifle reserves are running low in order to counter their long-range capabilities. We need you use the available surplus of Shotguns, Submachine guns, and Pistols in order to fight back their short to mid-range troops.

Objective: Earn 100K points against any Cerberus enemy using only Shotguns, SMG's, or Pistols.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#2
uhhhh... cool?
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User Info: Spartan070

4 years ago#3
Actually sounds viable
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4 years ago#4
No Harrier allowed? Great, another one of these challenges thats going to make PUGs completely suck in Gold for a weekend.

User Info: FullMetalMania

4 years ago#5
You mean like they weren't awful this weekend? We'll be seeing more Piranhas, Hurricane, Claymores, and Talons, hopefully. Maybe Raiders for the men.
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User Info: Shi_No_Tenchi

4 years ago#6
I still want to see something different like getting a gold assist medal or "10k points from objectives". Or a full extraction against Collectors using only Collector weapons.
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4 years ago#7
I like the challenges that actually encourage team cooperation of some kind. The medic one awhile back was pretty good IMO. Something like "Get X amount of point from "4 players uploading" would also be good.

Usually though, the challenges are just dreary annoyances that force you to play a bad class/race/weapon style or a free-for-all point grab that has everyone trying to far a particular enemy instead of working together. Like this week's challenge I just did solo cause I was sick of everyone in match-up games ignoring pyros and bombers to go for the geth troopers under the idea that they were the ONLY ones to count. Not to mention Geth are the elast fun faction in the game to fight anyway cause of all their stunlock... but thats a whole different rant.

User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#8

*head tilts back in chair
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