What makes rapid-fire weapons "good" against shields?

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  3. What makes rapid-fire weapons "good" against shields?


4 years ago#1
I've hard multiple times from numerous people that rapid fire weapons are "good" against shields. Does anyone know the exact reason WHY. Do SMGs have some hidden damage modifier in ME3 (I know they did in the other games but I see no indication in this one) or does it cost energy shields a certain amount of energy to activate from any bullet hit whatsoever (thus causing rapid fire weapons to activate this cost alot?)?

Somebody please clear things up for me... or confirm for me that weapon type doesn't matter at all regardless of what you're damaging (with some obvious exceptions like the Acolyte).

User Info: XgArrancar

4 years ago#2
Nope, SMGs used to have a damage modifier in ME2 but now they have been relegated to crap sidearms bar 2 of them.
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User Info: Malzel

4 years ago#3
If anything, it's not that they're good against shields, it's that they're bad against armor.
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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#4
collector SMG gets a 1.5x bonus to armor
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User Info: abyss

4 years ago#5
Carry over from ME2, I imagine. Damage modifiers against defenses is now a per weapon thing, not based on weapon class.


4 years ago#6
Armor I understand because it chops a set amount of damage off each bullet. (50 on gold). So if you have a gun that shoots 5 times at 100 damage each bullet you do 250 in the end versus a gun that does 1 shot at 500 damage and does 450 overall.

I was wondering if shields worked the opposite, that each bullet to hit did a set amount of damage on top of it's regular, giving rapid-fire weapons the advantage. But if they don't then I really don't see the point to using rapid fire weapons at all except when they're completely ridiculously outdamaging of everything else like the Harrier is. Then again I guess the Harrier, Hurricane, and Piranha are the only rapid-fire weapons I see above Silver anyway. The rest all seem pretty crappy, especially compared to the likes of the Javelin or Black Widow... or even just a class that can set off alot of Biosplosions or Tech Bursts.

User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#7
Shield gate is less of an issue with rapid fire weapons.
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User Info: MegaTape13

4 years ago#8
I assume it's more of an abstract point, as shield gating is a non-issue for rapid fire weapons and they can easily prime frequent tech bursts.

Or it's just total nonsense...
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User Info: AllDay524

4 years ago#9
From: perfect_general | #007
Shield gate is less of an issue with rapid fire weapons.

This, well especially before the patch that let us bypass shield gate with enough damage.
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User Info: bloodgod92

4 years ago#10
I was under the impression that they were good against shields/barriers because the rate of fire keeps the shield from regeneration in between shots. Though I would think the only time your weapon would not be sufficient is if you were using a single shot slow reload gun...
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