What the hell is wrong with this class? Day 46 Quarian Female Engineer

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User Info: Charmile

4 years ago#1
Quarian Female Engineer - Results (106 votes)
Power Synergy
8.49% (9 votes)
2.83% (3 votes)
Damage Output
28.3% (30 votes)
Crap Skills
19.81% (21 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0.94% (1 votes)
Other( Please Specify)
0.94% (1 votes)
What the hell are you talking about TC, this character is just fine
18.87% (20 votes)
0.94% (1 votes)
Sorry, we don't serve your kind...of food around here
18.87% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Human Soldier-Nothing

Batarian Sentinel-Nothing

N7 Slayer-Nothing

Vorcha Sentinel-Nothing

Salarian Engineer-Crap Skills

Volus Adept-Damage Output

Geth Engineer-Nothing

Drell Adept-Health

Turian "Havoc" Soldier-It's not fair, Dark Troopers get Jump-Packs AND Arc Casters(Nothing)

Asari Vanguard-Nothing



Vorcha Engineer-We shut down machines, break fans. We're too poor to afford stylish goggles though.(Crap Skills)

QFI-Crap Skills

Human Vanguard-HAA-ARGHHHH(Nothing)

Asari Justicar-Nothing

BF3 Soldier-Product Placement(Nothing)

Human Infiltrator-Nothing


Volus Vanguard-I am a biotic god, I think things and they happen! Fear me, lesser creatures, for I am biotics made flesh!(Power Synergy)

Turian Infiltrator-The OPness it BURNS, especially that dodge

Human Sentinel-Nothing

Cerberus Adept-Nothing

Vorcha Soldier-Nothing

Asari Valkyrie-Nothing

Kroguard-FOR TUCHANKA!!!!(Nerf)

Volus Engineer-Health

Asari Infiltrator-Tactical Cloak, because when she cloaks, you can't see the goods.(Nothing)

N7 Destroyer-I am Iron Man!!(Nothing)

Batarian Vanguard-FALCON BRO-FIST(Nothing)

Krogan Shaman-Mobility

N7 Paladin-Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!(Nothing)

QME-Immune System(Nothing)

Geth Trooper-Nothing

SI-Lots of ways to help people. Sometimes revive comrades; sometimes execute dangerous people. Either way helps.(Nothing)

Human Adept-Nothing

Drell Vanguard-Health


Human Engineer-Nothing


GI-Geth do not "intentionally" infiltrate(The game has just asked me if it can surrender, as the Power of this character is TOO DAMN HIGH)

Volus Sentinel-Crap Skills

Kroldier-It's too much a hunk, a hunk of burning love(Mobility)

Batdept-Good Good, Let the Hate flow through you(Nothing)

Turian Soldier-Mobility
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User Info: code_kirin

4 years ago#2
A mish mash of power synergy, crap skills, and damage output.

Incinerate and cryo blast have good synergy on paper, but lack of combo potential really hurts her damage output even with freeze combo and CB debuff. Turret is crappy offensively, but it still serves some purpose as a distraction. All of her powers aren't quite bad, but they're not outstanding either.


4 years ago#3
Incinerate and Cryo Blast get dodged 80% of the time on any respectable difficulty, the turret dies before it can be of any use, Quarian's in general don't have any outstanding racial passives like the Turian's weapon stability or the Geth's Networked AI.

User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#4
Where is the "everything" option?
GT: F3rocious Panda

User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#5
She's solid. I never understood the bias against her.
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Haley Joel Osment 4 years ago#6
Turret doesn't set up explosions reliably, especially off host, its damage output sucks and it dies in seconds.

Incinerate and Cryo Blast are solid powers. Beyond its debuff, CB is a guaranteed stagger on Centurions/Marauders/etc. even when they're still shielded. Both should be specced for radius, since she otherwise has zero way to deal with multiple targets.

Also needs a way to strip shields quickly. The Acolyte is fine, but I prefer a Hurricane with Disruptor Rounds IV, since it both helps her damage output and provides easy Tech Bursts.

I also skip Fitness entirely, but that's personal preference.

Low tier character, but perfectly fine on Gold. Wouldn't bother with her on Platinum though.
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User Info: Spartan070

4 years ago#8
...and who voted Power Synergy? Incinerate and Cryo?!?
Gamertag: grvmnd

User Info: Jetblackmoon

4 years ago#9
I'm not sure what to vote, so I won't. I've played her a handful of times and always came away unimpressed. She just doesn't seem to do anything particularly well that makes me want to play as her.
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User Info: Spartan070

4 years ago#10
Last post, going back and considering my audience, I realize most of you dislike her probably for her Gold/Platinum potential. I personally find her great but then again I'm pretty much Silver/Gold with freshly promoted lvl 1s taking off their training wheels with a quick sprint through Bronze.
Gamertag: grvmnd
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