Spectre Packs Good For?

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User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#11
The N7 labeled weapons with the black label are the UR right? Hmmm, I got like 3 of those already from SP and I didn't buy a whole lot. Is PSP better for characters? I still want the Ghost and the Kroguard

User Info: rhubarbot

4 years ago#12
SPs are good for giving you more consumable items (and, if you need them still, uncommon gear/mods/etc.), at the cost of 20k more per guaranteed rare unlock. Reinforcement packs are good for getting you more Volus character cards and maybe a Guerrilla Upgrade on occasion.
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User Info: code_kirin

4 years ago#13
SPs are good for getting level III consumables and power reset cards. PSPs are functionally outclassed by RPs and APs. Buy those two instead.
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