Will the next Mass Effect be good?

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User Info: HakuMan111386

4 years ago#1
I ask because didn't EA take over Bioware and some of the Bioware key people leave Bioware? How will the next ME be any good?
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User Info: foodeater4

4 years ago#2
The two founders of bioware left. I dontn know how much influence they had over the games in general.

The original ME writer was working on the crappy star wars mmo during ME2 I think, and ME3 so it was different writers.

Overall, I enjoy the ME universe, if they continue along the same forumla and can put together a good story, I am sure I will buy and enjoy the game greatly. If they turned the series into a total Gears of War style TPS with a bigger multiplayer component, I'd probably still buy it as long as there still the fun gun, tech, bio system going on. If they made it a prequel though, I'd be more hesitant.

I dont really see how you could make a prequel to what happened very intersting. I'd much rather see how the galaxy is recovering from the reaper war.

User Info: LilyxLightning

4 years ago#3

If you're a delusional troll who thinks that it will only be good if exactly what you want to happen in it happens, then it probably won't be for you.

If you can acknowledge reality and judge a game on what's actually in it and not what the delusional trolls want you to believe, it'll likely be a good game.
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  3. Will the next Mass Effect be good?

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