Why play femshep?

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User Info: Hicks233

4 years ago#31
Voice acting. Meer upped his game for ME3 but Hale wiped the floor with him.
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User Info: Net_Diver

4 years ago#32
Didn't read the thread but here's my answer anyway!!

Because nothing changes between Male and Female shepard, So playing as FemShep is a very good example of a multidimensional, empowered, interesting female lead in video games.

It's a push forward for feminism in vidja and it's a breath of fresh air to see a female being a badass leader and commanding respect from male subordinates.

I could go on and on with examples but the point has been made; Because feminism in video games is GOOD!
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User Info: Valdious

4 years ago#33
Jennifer Hale is one of my favourite voice actresses in the world along with Laura Bailey.

Naturally, i'd rather listen to her save the world than Maleshep.
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User Info: Whetstone_Dude

4 years ago#34
Because boobs.

User Info: Exilious

4 years ago#35
Jennifer Hale is an amazing voice actor and Mark Meer sounds way too Canadian.
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User Info: I-ROX-HRD

4 years ago#36
Boobs, come on, admit it, that's the only reason we'd ever play as her. Voice acting? HAH!

User Info: FlynnOFlenniken

4 years ago#37
Well, I was a little sad when I found out the new yeoman lady (can't remember her name right now) in 3 is a lesbian and won't have sexy time with me. If I do a second playthrough, that'll at least be one reason to try out a femshep.

User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#38
I always did it just to see the alternative relationship options lol you can learn certain things about characters you wouldn't playing as just male or female. I mean it's not earth shatteringly different but it's different.
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User Info: Damiand77

4 years ago#39
I-ROX-HRD posted...
Boobs, come on, admit it, that's the only reason we'd ever play as her. Voice acting? HAH!

Wow, you seem like a sad person.
To play video games for boobs is sad and a act of desperation, especially when there's so much free porn on the web.
Not everyone is like you, tough guy.
Jennifer Hale is a prolific voice actress, I honestly didn't like Meers much, but that's me.

Alot of people play role playing games to escape from reality and indulge in a good story and universe, some people don't like to create themselves in games, some like to play as a completely different person and even sex.
Grow up, buddy.

User Info: jakerscythe

4 years ago#40
Because Jennifer Hale obviously.
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