UUG Lobby led by Captain Falcon

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User Info: FullMetalMania

4 years ago#1
The Hydraulic Joints Gear was buffed today, so I'm taking the Captain (Batarian Vanguard) for a spin. I'll wait for a little while for any messages (Lord of Bays), but the lobby WILL be open, so if it fills up with Randoms and we get a game rolling, you're gonna have to wait until the next game to join in.

Cheers, and happy headhunting.

EDIT: Herp derp, I'll also be using the Turian Soldier every once in a while, I got the Hurricane IV this past weekend and haven't used it yet.
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User Info: DividerByZero

4 years ago#2
Let's do it. I'll be on in a bit, GT's in my sig.
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