First Experience on Gold

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User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#1
I was planning to make a Human Engineer to tackle Gold, but I wanted to do something else while I can. I don't think I want to after I gain more skills. So I isntead, went back to do some of the challenges. One of which required me to use Male Quarian Engineer for 200 rounds. I used it before for the extraction, but not enough for 200 waves apparently. So I decided to test MQE a little more. On top of that, I wanted to finish a few weapon uses and map masters on Bronze, as well as waves and medal collecting.

As I was playing and testing it out, I found MQE boring, but effective. One of the games, the host decided to change it to Silver and I didn't notice. I knew it was a little bit harder, but I couldn't tell except for the end. In the next 3 games, I was ranked the highest with the score. Something that I couldn't have done with other classes/characters. Hmmm, this is indeed interesting. Boring, but effective? Or am I trying too hard. I didn't try at all because I was never running whatsoever. I walked through the whole match. So I decided, hey, maybe this is where I should test Gold.

I wanted to get a few more classes unlocked or some kind of banner, but I said, **** it, let's try Gold. Went into a Gold match. It already started. It was on round 5 or something. My team was awesome. I, however, was okay. At least I didn't die more than twice. I even extracted. Went into the lobby, everyone had banners except me. Cyber Warrior, Collector General, and Biotic God. Reeger/Hurricane Batarian Brawler Vanguard, Vindicator Turian Sentinel, and Widow Human Infiltrator. I was MQE with a Katana, but somehow, they still let me play. I have the whole thing recorded so that I can learn from it. It was a total of 52 minutes; both matches, including the waiting in the lobby etc. I extracted the first, but I didn't on the 2nd. I got eaten by a Banshee. And I swear, the first time was a lot easier than the 2nd. In the 2nd, I think I saw like 4 Brutes with 4 Banshees running around. I did more on the 2nd time as well. At least 5.

Now my question is, what's a good build for QME? I thought that Marksmen sucks, but after using Marksman, the character and redoing a few skill points, it's not too bad. It slows them down, reveals all nearby enemies, and makes it easier for my teammates to kill them. However, I also like Incinerate. So overall, I don't mind using everything that QME has to offer. If anything, I want it all, but since I can't what something more suitable for Gold? Because I was still testing stuff out.

After the 2nd game, I got 2 Votes for boot. I left on my own because I knew I wasn't ready. It was a test afterall. "Bring a Katana to Gold? Vote for kick" was what I hoped for in the beginning, but since they didn't, I can't complain. Everyone else got like 5 medals while I got 2 medals. 50 Assist and 1 Grab. Shamless to say. My curiosity did get the most of me as well. BTW, I have other things better than the Katana of course. I have a Reeger, Hurricane, Typhoon, etc... all but no Harrier yet. I'm still doing the weapon use challenges.

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#2
My QME is 3/6/6/5/6

I put 3 in tac scan because I never use the thing except on bosses, and on platinum, there's usually a few to choose from that I end up just forgetting about it because I'm hitting things with incinerate and i don't want to mess with my rhythm.

Max incinerate for damage and damage over time.

Max arc grenades for damage and shield damage

Take power damage in the passive and max shields in fitness.

Bring a light weapon like the talon or the acolyte (or even the Geth pulse rifle) with incendiary ammo) and just tec and fire explode everything.
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic. | Salarian Sniper King

User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#3
This is the build I use:

Since you're just starting out on Gold, you could drop the sixth rank of the passive class power for three ranks of Fitness instead, or just skip Tactical Scan completely. It does work very well for bosses, but sometimes I forget that I even have it.

Focus on destroying groups of enemies with Incinerate + Arc Grenades; this will produce a powerful fire explosion that does heavy initial damage as well as some damage over time. It's very effective against armor, too. Alternatively, throwing an Arc Grenade and then using Incinerate will create a tech burst, which deals heavy damage to shields and barriers.

I usually put a good assault rifle on him; cooldowns aren't such a big problem since Incinerate is the only spammable power you have. You could also apply Disruptor Rounds or Incendiary Rounds to create explosions easier, but keep in mind that ammo powers will weaken your explosions if they're used instead of Incinerate and Arc Grenade.
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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#4
GT: F3rocious Panda

User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#5
I do 4/6/6/6/4, though 6/6/6/5/3 or 6/6/6/4/4 are also reasonable options.

Your primary role is being a tech bursting machine. Spam arc grenades and incinerate (or incinerate then arc grenades for fire explosions) like crazy to decimate the grunt units and tac scan the boss units. Since I consider the tac scan a situational and secondary priority, I forgo going all the way to 6 so I can max out my passive and get a little extra durability which is helpful on gold. Sometimes I go back to the 6/6/6/5/3 but it's a little riskier.
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User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#6
Is there a way to carry more than 2 Grenades though?

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#7
KADFC posted...
Is there a way to carry more than 2 Grenades though?

There are three grenade capacity gear upgrades.

Grenade capacity will give you up to 5 extra grenades (One per level up to 5),

Shock trooper gear when maxed will give a +12% damage boost to shotguns and 2 grenades.

Warfighter gear when maxed will give a +12% damage boost to assault rifles and 2 more grenades
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic. | Salarian Sniper King

User Info: Malzel

4 years ago#8
Yeah, grenade-reliant classes become much more effective once you get better gear.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#9
KADFC posted...
BTW, I have other things better than the Katana of course. I have a Reeger, Hurricane, Typhoon, etc... all but no Harrier yet. I'm still doing the weapon use challenges.

If you are going to Gold, please don't bring the Katana there, when you have better things to equip.

If you are rocking a boosted to the max Turian Ghost or some other insane class I could understand bringing Katanas, Predators and Shurikens to Gold, but otherwise I'd wish that new people bring their absolute best gear on Gold.
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User Info: marcus6002

4 years ago#10
quarian male engineer dont have marksman.. that the qms..
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