I must be one of the only people solely interested in the sp dlc

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  3. I must be one of the only people solely interested in the sp dlc

User Info: gwande

4 years ago#41
metopholus posted...
Lord of Nightmares posted...
Really? The official announcement thread on the BSN forums has tons of posters expressing their excitement over Citadel (and a handful still expressing their disappointment that it does nothing to change the ending).

It's somewhat annoying to me that people are still talking about the ending after like a year later. was it really that big a deal? at what point do you decide to move on? some just can't let go i guess.

I'll be getting the Citadel. it'll be the first DLC for ME3 ive purchased.

Like with most things people come to love they want what's best. What they got isn't even close. It wouldn't even have to be IT. A dlc post ending would of pleased quite a lot of people (maybe).
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User Info: Urdnot_Runt

4 years ago#42
robayeit posted...
SP is wot this game is about and MP just allowed them to mess with the ending and make it complicating and make us all just sit there and go WTF did I just see.

if u play this game fr the MP then i say go bak 2 COD u deauchebag (only deuchebags buy that game every year call of the deuchebag)

Lol what an idiot.
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User Info: vega2505

4 years ago#43
I don't care about MP DLC at all since I don't have Gold and I don't care about the SP DLC either because $15? Lolnope.
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User Info: Aigonroth

4 years ago#44
I am more interested in the Citadel DLC, but a couple of the new kits look highly interesting for MP (namely the new Geth and Krogan), still for me SP > MP, always has been and I highly doubt that is ever going to change.
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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#45
Also people think that the Dragon Age saves from Origins & 2 will be incompatible or useless with Dragon Age 3 when they told us to keep the saves telling us that they will impact Dragon Age 3 in a huge way.

Also the same with the new upcoming Mass Effect telling us to keep the saves from the Shepard Trilogy just like with Dragon Age 3 meaning we can import them into the new games.

Meaning Dragon Age 3 & the new Mass Effect could be Dual Generation deals such as my God Eater 2 is going to be telling us to keep our saves from God 1 even though the game is on the Vita it is also going to be on the PSP with the saves only usuable in the PSP version this is only if you have complete God 1.

More than likely we can continue to use our original MC into God 2 others say it will be a new MC or a Pre-rendered deal nothing is known other than it continues 3 years after God 1.

With the saves from the Shepard it will probably mean the Key choices that Shepard made will somehow effect & change the new MCs deal could it make things worser for them or easier on them will be based on Shepards choices even though Shepard will never be seen or used again.

With Dragon Age 3 it could mean a Cameo from Hawke or Warden with them from our saves such as our Hawkes we made in DA 2 would be the same just older cause of the time gap. The same deal with the Warden older but would still be the same cause it is ours from our saves would be my guess my theory.

Even though DA 3 features a new MC once again Human Only but the cool deal is Background choices.

So this has me to believe that the new Mass Effect along with DA 3 will be Dual such as a Diablo to God Eater 2.

Remember previous games will not work on the PS4 meaning saves couldnt be imported into the PS4 so that should be a hint that these games will be DUAL GENERATION.

Such as WWE 2K14 to Saints Row 4 possibly GTA 5 all Dual Games. Lastly the PS3 has a life line up to the year 2015 with rumors that the next Mass Effect could hit sometime in the Holidays of 2014.

User Info: TheKingOf-Kings

4 years ago#46
All I know is as soon as I saw Miranda I squealed like a 12 year old and turned off the page because I was already sold.

There is a multiplayer DLC too?

BTW, whatnow.... WTF are you even talking about? Do you have attention problems?

User Info: Beefstak

4 years ago#47
SageOfLife posted...
You're not alone.

Because, he's a big, stupid Jellyfish!

User Info: xxDarthTersanxx

4 years ago#48
whatnow12012 posted...
Remember previous games will not work on the PS4 meaning saves couldnt be imported into the PS4 so that should be a hint that these games will be DUAL GENERATION.

No backward compatibility =/ no save transfers.
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User Info: DieKoog

4 years ago#49
I'm intrigued, but lost the account my saves were tied to, and can't bring myself to go through everything again.
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User Info: OniLink96

4 years ago#50
Spideyknight posted...
None of them, what's the point? Nothing you do affects the outcome. Youtube the video if you must see it. Why pay 10-15 bucks for 1-2 hours of content you are only going to go through once? It's absurd. Nothing you do affects the outcome, that renders all choices preceding the outcome meaningless.

What's the point in ever buying DLC for any game then? Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt didn't change the ending of Fallout 3, but that doesn't change the fact that they were enjoyable pieces of the game and the goodies from each of them were quite nice.

It would be really nice if people quit their ******** about the ending. It's ridiculous. I can agree that a $15 price tag for a DLC is steep, but arguing that it's worthless because it doesn't change the ending is absurd.
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  3. I must be one of the only people solely interested in the sp dlc

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