Which SP DLCs would you recommend?

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User Info: Yochodo

4 years ago#1
I just picked up the game, and I've only been playing the MP so far. Which of the 4 DLCs (From Ashes, Leviathan, Omega, Citadel) is worth getting? I kind of want From Ashes because it gives a new characters, and I know nothing has really been revealed about Citadel yet, but it sounds like it could be good. I've also heard that Leviathan and Omega both aren't really spectacular, but which adds more story depth? Honestly that's what I'd like to see
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User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#2
I'd say all are worth getting, but I'd rank them this way as of now:

1) From Ashes
2) Leviathan
3) Omega

Omega is still good but it's basically just pure action and very little story.
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User Info: SageOfLife

4 years ago#3
Nobody knows yet if Citadel is worth it. From Ashes is worth it just for Javik. If you can't get both Leviathan and Omega, get Leviathan since it actually has something to do with the main story. Also, if you haven't already, get the Extended Cut and save yourself the pain. It's free.
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  3. Which SP DLCs would you recommend?

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