Booting on Silver.

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User Info: twinstarnumber1

4 years ago#21
KADFC posted...
twinstarnumber1 posted...
Uh, Map Mastery is the only banner that denotes any skill. It's way more indicative than Lone Wolf. All that proves is someone can solo two gold games with a TGI or Krogan Vanguard. If you suck at the game it takes a while but is one of the easiest and fastest banners you can get (people where sporting them the day banners came out). You have to play a ton of gold games on every map to get Map Mastery, you can't leach your way through all of those games, you have to pick up some sort of skill and equipment. All a 120K banner would need is rockets and grenades, anyone could do that if they wanted.

Most gamers don't play gold. Yes, but it takes actual practice.

That part that I bold, that made me laugh. You're betting on me that I can't leech 200 waves? If it was 25 extraction, sure, that could take some skill and effort, but 200 waves on each map? No. Plus, I see a lot of "try-too-hards"

Yeah, but that's a gamble isn't it? You would also need to practice your missiling areas or it would be wasted. Like stated before, not everyone plays on gold/plat.

they have to play at least Gold to get Map Mastery. When i mentioned you can't leach 100 waves on each map 14, that's 1400 waves. There was a slight sarcasm to it. I've mentioned before when the topic was brought up in the past. If you're that dedicated at slacking off then God bless you, you deserve something for it.

Besides it's all relative isn't it? I said "any skill" not very skilled. None of these banners signifies that someone is a badass. They can all be done grinding on bronze, (would take forever but still get done), there's only two that make you play on at least Gold.
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