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User Info: Asakura_Rei

4 years ago#1
Newish player here, been playing the MP for a month thanks to recoomendation from friends.

Fine on Bronze and Silver (Who isn't?), but on Gold I always seem struggle. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I go down very quickly all the time. And once I get revived, I find it impossible to move without managing to get somewhere safe.

Any suggestions?

Seriously, just assume I'm an idiot and tell me even the most basic of things.

User Info: Tyrannical

4 years ago#2
Unless your awesome /have good weapons.....

Gold takes team work. You need people with mikes so you can pre-plan what characters / equipment to bring.
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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#3
- Pick a character for Gold that you're really comfortable with, atleast at first.

- Try to also pick a character that synergizes with the rest of your teammates. Sometimes this isn't possible if you get thrown into a running match, but if you're in the lobby, don't choose the Geth Engineer if the rest of your teammates are biotics. If you must choose him, then avoid spamming Overload on anything glowing with biotics.

- Utilize biotic and tech explosions as much as possible. Don't be afraid to detonate the explosions of other people, as you're just making the process go that much quicker for deteriorating enemies.

- Avoid staying in one place for too long. That's the easiest way to get swarmed, especially on smaller maps.

- Complete objectives quickly. That one sounds pretty obvious, but I think that a lot of randoms that I run into don't realize that the enemies will just keep spawning if you don't complete them.

- Learn the spawn points and wave budgets so that you're aware of what's to come.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#4
Well you asked for basic tips.

- If you are new, STAY with the team. If you go down they revive you. Some of the most aggravating teammates I've had are such that they go to rambo it off in some remote corner and proceed to die there surrounded by enemies. I haven't failed many Gold matches (here not getting the wave 10 objective), but the ones I have failed usually have this element in them.

- Disengage if you can't hinder the tide of enemies. Better to fall back, than to get overrun.

- In a tight spot actually use consumables, double Banshees or four Phantoms in the hack zone (skippign the possibility of a four Juggernaut match) is a cue for using a missile launcher. Don't save missile launchers for extraction it is 7500 credits versus 35000 credits on the line and you won't get any credits from wave 10 if you wipe before the objective is completed. If your team isn't at max strength and your teammates are struggling on a later wave use that medi-gel.

- When new, pick a durable character, basically any Krogan, Vorcha (with Bloodlust specced for health regeneration), Turian Ghost, Batarian Brawler, N7 Destroyer, Geth Trooper and Juggernaut, Alliance Infiltrator Unit. This will allow you to stay in the fight much longer than a squishy class would (correctly specced Krogan can tank 3-5 Phantom blasts in their shield alone, before adding any equipment).

-If you want to have easy Gold matches match any Flamer character against Reapers on a small map, spec the flamer with Range, Damage and Armor Damage. The Geth Trooper is very resilient and can have crazy shield regen while the Vorcha is well capable of eating entire Marauder bursts and laughing them off (if you don't have grenade gear the Vorcha Soldier is better since he has complete autonomy from equipment and good weapons, while the I find the Vorcha Sentinel more effective, but he needs greande gear to fullfill his potential).

- Think about what you are going to do your damage with:

Weapons? Remember to take weapon damage in passives or have a class that boosts weapon damage through their powers (Infiltrators save the Huntress, most Soldiers)

Grenades? Adding to your grenade count with grenade gear is vital, so that your ammo packs are used as efficientely as possible. Especially with Lift Greande, you should always choose the 2 extra greandes

Powers? Spec for power damage. Grenades also benefit from power damage.

Explosions? Only the rank of the powers matters, power damage does nothing for explosions, so a character primarily using explosions can complete skip their passive tree.

Melee? I honestly wouldn't recommend this to a beginner, while there are fairly good melee builds and strategies, using them on Gold when you are otherwise struggling is very very very bad unless you have the Juggernaut. Even on Krogans I would suggest choosing Health and Shields above melee damage for a melee build for the simple fact that CQB requires a lot of durability for a beginner.

below is a class builder which is quite handy
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#5
On top of what Sheep and Halo have said;

Right hand advantage/soft cover vs cover - Try not to go into cover too much. It sounds absurd, but it genuinely hinders you more often than not. Use the right hand advantage the game gives you instead.

This is something that features heavily in most third person shooter games. Because the camera looks over your characters right shoulder, you can stand completely behind cover on the left hand side and still shoot. You'll see your shots going through the corner of the cover, but this doesn't actually count as shooting through it, so it's not dependent on having armour piercing mods/ammo.

Pick your map and enemy - If you're not 100% comfortable with Gold, pick the map and or enemy to try and reduce any surprises.

If you want to play a grenade class, choose a map like Rio or the Hazard maps, as the ammo boxes contain more grenades and don't play them on a map like Condor, because there's few ammo boxes and they refill extra-slowly. If you're going to play a sniper, pick a big map, because you don't want to end up on Glacier with your Widow and nothing else. And so on and so forth.

Collectors can sometimes feel like a difficulty unto themselves too, so it's nice to pick and choose where you face them. Getting them on Hazard Glacier or Condor can make things vastly more difficult than they would already be, especially if you've picked a slightly squishier class.

Don't play with PUGs - No, not the ugly little dogs, Pick Up Gamers/Groups, as in random players you find through the matchmaking. I know this one isn't always possible, and not every PUG is bad, but a lot of the time you get mic-less idiots running stupid builds and have no concept of teamwork.

Instead, make a topic on here and see if anyone wants to play, or have a quick look to see if anyone else has made one. There's usually 2 or 3 topics a day/night of people hosting lobbies and wanting people to play with them. There's also two tags you can use to see who's online, GfaqsME3MPList and the GfaqsME3MPList2. I don't know if either are accepting new friend requests any more, but they have open friends lists and you can search for them on and send invites from there (of make note of the gamers and send them in game).

And plus, if you're playing with people from GameFAQs, you'll pick up things really quickly. There's a lot of really good players who are very willing to show you the ropes and explain things as you go and you'll get to see good players running good classes (and bad ones) in great ways.
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