How much do you guys care about N7 level?

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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#11
I just look at their weapons/character/equipment.
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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#12
I saw a 400 the other day with a maxed UR (I forget which one exactly). Pretty good evidence that N7 rating doesn't even equate to time played.

He could have bought them all using MS points, but I can't imagine anyone willing to blow that much money on packs would be able to keep their bills paid to be able to even play online.
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User Info: Drkr_Zen

4 years ago#13
At this point, I've been promoting due to buying character packs to make use of the EXP I get for the classes I'm not using. Mainly doing it for the related challenge, though... think its like 60 promotions? Once I hit that mark, whatever N7 rank I am, is whatever N7 rank I am.

Shame BioWare never made it ...y'know, mean anything.
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  3. How much do you guys care about N7 level?

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