Mass Effect 3 & The Citadel DLC Romance Content "Most likely Spoilers"

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User Info: GameWarrior2k4

4 years ago#1
First of all the Romance Content was great in its own merit but I think they still dropped the ball in some respects my complaint is that Biowares definition of Rekinding Romances is almost as Bi-Polar as Liara's Romance in the Vanilla Game now don't get me wrong now as I said I love the DLC and am enjoying it but it could have been better.

The thing alot of people out there don't seem to understand is that the Citadel DLC was really only made in my opinion to try and repair the Damage that Bioware made in Mass Effect 3 to the Romances the problem was simple either through ignorance or incompetence the botched the Romances pretty bad.

See in Mass Effect 3 Bioware only put in one full romance and that was Liara and everybody else was destroyed by bad Writing and even worse Decision Making then there was Tali & Garrus they got the second best treatment in regards to Content but sadly they also fell short.And don't even get me started on how they screwed over the Virmire Survivor Romances seriously Ashley & Kaiden are gone for half the game and when the do come back the had Zaeed/Kasumi Dialog and that was pathetic.

Then there was how Bioware Destroyed The Mass Effect 2 Romances so Masterfully Bravo Bioware Bravo anyone that romanced Miranda,Jack,Jacob,Thane & Kelly was screwed over in Mass Effect 3 and essentially Bioware was like "Oh you romanced Miranda in Mass Effect 2 who cares now you can romance Liara again".

Now to the Citadel DLC I liked most of the Content but I have a few complaints first of all was the fact that Bioware was in complete Fan Service Mode in this DLC and gave alot of the things people asked for like the Vega Hook Up and Samara's Romance Content as well but they didn't add the one thing I have been bitterly complaining about and that was a Kasumi/Shepard Romance and that was a major dissapointment in my opinion.

Now my other major complaint is that Bioware could have made all the Romance Options the way they did but also tweaked it to be all around a better solution to the massive damage they caused in regards to the Romances.

Also let me just say that in my opinion the Thane & Jacob Content still feels like a slap in the face the Thane Content was awesome and all but I wouldn't really consider either of those Rekindled in my opinion all the Content did was put Salt in the wound so to speak and all you Thanemancers and Jacobmancers were essentially screwed over again.

Bioware should have made all the options equal no favoritism "I'm looking at you Liara" they could have made the Romances unique and still made them all equal.

Here's an example a Tali Romance Step by Step
1.Watching Fleet and Flotilla"Having Tali Sing".
2.Have a date in the Casino"Dancing and everything"
4.After the Party
5.Final Scene before getting on the Normandy

And they still would have all the Romance Dialogs and flirts during the Missions that are already in the DLC.

Now I know that the DLC is out and Bioware is done with Shepard and his/her trilogy but I hope they learned something from the Cluster**** they created in regards to the Romances and the same problems won't be made again in Mass Effect 4 or whatever they call it.
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