vorcha engineer is just terrible.

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User Info: Enemy_AC130

4 years ago#41
Rophlecktuine posted...
Enemy_AC130 posted...
Geth Engineer is durable because of hunter mode, an ability that decreases shields? News to me.

Rophlecktuine posted...
Enemy_AC130 posted...
Rophlecktuine posted...
The Volus engineer is the most survivable engineer, hands down. Vorcha engineer is second. Salarian engineer is third when facing anything but geth, he takes second when facing geth.

He has a power that restores shields. He isn't durable. What's next, are you going to say the Drell vanguard is durable?

If you specced him the right way you took the 40% damage reduction in rank 6.
Then you put on shield boost and a cyclonic mod on the SE. These equipments wont help the vorcha much bc he has low base shields.

Now the SE has much higher shields than the Vorcha, and a move for damage reduction AND a decoy. Sound fair that I ranked the SE below vorcha anyways? Geez

1. That DR is situational.
2. Even with all those shields, the SE will barely reach 2000 shields.
3. Decoy doesn't really affect durability at all.

3 Prime shots will bring both characters down into their lower health bars. Say they both go behind cover and regain their shields. The Vorcha will also regain health, while the SE will be stuck at about 1-2 bars of health.

The DR works even if you hit a non synthetic with no shields, I believe.
The prime never shot me because I was using decoy.
40% Dr on "almost" 2000 shields is pretty good, considering you gain back 100% of the shields when you use energy drain.

This is a dumb argument. I didnt even rank the salarian over the vorcha unless they were both fighting Geth, yet you are still arguing and you are making me want to change my mind and rank VHE in third for all fights.

I tried VHE power build vs the Geth to see if the tech bursts were more effective vs synthetics and I got smacked over and over. I used the SE and beat it on the first try bc it was so easy.

I've never heard of the DR working on non synthetics/shields. You must be using a different decoy then I am, because mine stops nothing except the occasional Phantom. You only get back the damage you deal from energy drain, and energy drain is pretty weak. Go ahead and change your ranking, that's not going to make me change my opinion of the Salarian Engineer.
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User Info: Jinteisama

4 years ago#42
The MP in this game is terrible.

User Info: Rophlecktuine

4 years ago#43
^I edited the info about energy drain right after posting, I knew you dont get 100% back, IDK why I said that originally.

I also added a video of the decoy working awesomely vs Geth, including primes.
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  3. vorcha engineer is just terrible.

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