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User Info: kelvingabaldonc

4 years ago#1
I just realized, since TIM had a clone of Shepard stashed away somewhere, he could have used that if Shepard died in the suicide mission. The whole galaxy & his squad would have been astounded & dismayed to have to work with a xenophobic Shepard. Thoughts?
Kelvin G.

User Info: Ubergrim3

4 years ago#2
TIM said he wanted the ORIGINAL Shepard. The clone was just there for spare parts. It had none of Shepard's memories or experience, so if what made Shepard special was in the mind rather than the genes, the clone would be useless.

But I suppose he could have done something with it if the original Shepard was killed after turning on Cerberus. But that didn't happen, so derpy derp derp.

Also, spoilers?
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User Info: Doubleglock18

4 years ago#3
that clone could have been what Kai Leng was supposed to be. and the clone was pretty cool in my opinion. i do wish we could have turned him to our side. though i suppose it just goes to show how different he really was from Shepard.

Shepard was willing to work with Cerberus for the right reasons, but the clone wouldn't even for a good cause (saving galaxy)
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