I just finished the game on Insanity

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User Info: AmazingDany

4 years ago#1
This gen, ME3 at hardest diff is definitively the game where I F-bombed the most.

I was a Soldier and I spammed the heck out of Liara's Singularity and Concussion Shots.

That must have been a common strategy, yes? I mean, I wasn't the only one to use that combo, right?

Oh yeah, I had Shep jump in the middle.

User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

4 years ago#2
It's the easiest insanity out of the 3 games (well maybe second easiest. One is just broken) but YAY anyway. I ended up spamming biotic explosions myself.

User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#3
0/10. This topic is bad and you should feel bad.
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User Info: StarCox20

4 years ago#4
I raged hard at ME1 Insanity with a new character. ****ing invincible mercs
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User Info: MurphysGhost

4 years ago#5
TC, did you start at level 1 or did you import?
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User Info: norwish

4 years ago#6
Incendiary ammo + Concussive shot = flamey explosions.

I also beat insanity on soldier class. Lots of fun. Might do it again.
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User Info: AmazingDany

4 years ago#7
MurphysGhost posted...
TC, did you start at level 1 or did you import?

Imported ME2 save at level 26.

User Info: Jabroni2000

4 years ago#8
I disagree. Played all 3 on insanity and personally I think ME2 was the hardest. This was actually the easiest by far in my view.

ME1 was a long time ago but I don't remember it being particularly difficult. ME2 I specifically remember it taking me several days to get past the Collector Ship with the platforms. I reloaded it so many times...
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User Info: Shigmiya64

4 years ago#9
Well you know, he didn't say he played the other two on Insanity.
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User Info: 8bitPunk

4 years ago#10
Adept on ME3 is easy mode regardless of the difficulty.

I had more trouble with ME2, until I started taking the Sniper Rifle for weapon focus, and bringing squadmates to match the challenge (Overload for Synthetics, Warp for all else).
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