Which is a better build for the phoenix vanguard?

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  3. Which is a better build for the phoenix vanguard?

User Info: pcmike2

4 years ago#1

or # 2: http://narida.pytalhost.com/me3/classes/#Vanguard/ExCerberus/PKAOR//NPiranha1AA1AA1////

ps, using pirahna for build #1 as well

Any recommendations are welcome
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User Info: Jetblackmoon

4 years ago#2
#1. Lash is one of those abilities that you generally go all-or-nothing in, but I find it helpful often enough to make it worth taking.
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User Info: WatermelonFarts

4 years ago#3
take damage over time on lash instead of recharge speed, with a pirahna x there's only a .20 difference which i don't think you'll notice and i think fast recharge is better than shield penetration but that's up to you

User Info: pfh1001

4 years ago#4
I go with #2, but take all the melee buffs on Fitness and use the gear to boost biotics & melee. I love the heavy melee. Of course, I don't play that class higher than silver.

User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#5
If you use the second build, go with DOT instead of Recharge Speed on Rank 5 of Lash. Also, I would highly recommend taking Bonus Power on Rank 6 of Biotic Charge instead of Barriers, so that you have the potential to pull off Smash immediately after gaining the 40% power damage boost.

Personally, I like the first build better, but the second one is good too. Lash is one of those powers that's very useful on a few different enemies (Phantoms, Combat Engineers, Collector Captains, and Geth Rocket Troopers to name a few), but it's even better on the Adept since he has Singularity to prime targets with. The Vanguard doesn't, so I feel that it loses a bit of usability.
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User Info: MegaTape13

4 years ago#6
Why not take electric DoT on Smash? Any direct damage you sacrifice is dealt in 2 seconds anyway, and the lost force is easily offset by a Power Magnifier or Power Synergy if you really care about it.
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#7
I do this: http://narida.pytalhost.com/me3/classes/#Vanguard/ExCerberus/RKAOK/Disciple10BG5AM5//StrengthEnhancer3//JuggernautShield5/

Ex-Cerberus is my favourite vanguard. I only wish he had melee synergy in this biotic charge tree, like the krogan does.
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