Which sniper rifle to use?

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User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#11
If he isn't a good sniper its better to stay away from the one shot snipers until you get a little better with your aim.

Multi shot snipers that are decent and easy to use are, Incisor, Indra, Valiant, and the Black widow.
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User Info: lonelyhuntr

4 years ago#12
IMO, the viper is a good beginning sniper because its gives you six shot so you have more room for mistakes and its low damage output means that you have to aim at the head so the extra shots will help you adjust to it. The thing about the widow, black widow etc is that their power makes people get careless and just aim and shot without lining up with the head. If your viper is at X then its a one hit head shot on all the "grunts" and for the things that take more shots, you have 5 more.
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User Info: Nefhith

4 years ago#13
NS_RegentPark posted...
LFCKINGS posted...
1) Mantis? has to be a good Rifle to use. It's the default Sniper after all...

It's a dead man's Widow. (LOL, get it?)

2) Anyway, would definitely recommend the Raptor, Incisor, or Indra. Not traditional SR's but solid on an Infiltrator.

3) The CSR is a poor man's PPR.

4) Black Widow and Valiant is solid for multiple shots.

5) Javelin and Widow is for the experts who will definitely make the shot.

1) It's a great one-shot sniper rifle, and if you don't like charge times and stuff like that, is the best option you could choose if you've got it at X until you get the Widow

2) Lol no. The raptor is a scopped mattock and the incisor and indra work better on turians or the destroyer (also geth)

3) The PPR is a boring weapon for noobs. A true man can use the CSR really effectively and do really great even against someone using the PPR

4) Of course. They're multiple-shoot snipers. You forgot the viper. In silver kicks ass and if well used in gold, an do something

5) Javelin and Widow are for people who can't aim at heads. Just aim at the bigger part of the body of your opponent and shoot there. The kishock or black widow can deal more DPS if all their shot hit the head. Also, their bigger ammo capacity makes you regret less a missed shot
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