Best Infiltrator sniper rifle?

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User Info: Xero_Macharius

4 years ago#31
Scorpix00 posted...
I (FINALLY!) got and tried the valiant, but it seems to lack the punch of my black widow. I especially notice a big difference when playing off-host. While the valiant shoots very quickly, it seems like it's a little too quick and the 2nd shot doesn't register as having been shot, resulting in no damage caused.

Is this the case for anyone else?

I get this A LOT, with every gun (obviously it's less noticeable on weapons with high RoF). I'm probably wrong but I think it might have something to do with quick scoping TOO quickly (that's when I seem to notice it, don't remember it happening when I hard scope).

For this reason I'd say the BW.
GT - Xero M XTC

User Info: Finish_th_Fight

4 years ago#32
Black Widow > Valiant > Indra > Javelin
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