In all 3 games, who were your most used squadmates?

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  3. In all 3 games, who were your most used squadmates?

User Info: elmatty

4 years ago#51
ME1: Liara and Ashley
ME2: Garrus and Miranda
ME3: Liara and Garrus
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User Info: GeneralKenobi85

4 years ago#52
ME: Wrex and Liara
ME2: Grunt and Mordin, but I definitely switched it up more than the other two games
ME3: Garrus and Liara
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User Info: Atrabilious

4 years ago#53
Garrus and Tali, for all three games.

I am working my way through Insanity runs. ME3 I just used Garrus and Tali, currently doing ME2 insanity and I can't bring myself to drop Miranda because she's just ridiculously useful.
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User Info: The O RLY Owl

The O RLY Owl
4 years ago#54
ME1 - depends on what class I played
ME2 - I switched it up every time I could
ME3 - Liara and EDI/Javik
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User Info: H34rtofFire

4 years ago#55
ME1: Liara & Tali
ME2: Garrus & Tali (though Mordin & Grunt are another of my favorite combos)
ME3: Liara & Garrus

Really, though, I've played the first two games so many times, all party members received their own dedicated game sessions (especially in ME1, when the game actually rewarded you for doing so). Unfortunately, all the party members that debut in ME3 are too lackluster compared to the familiar faces (IMO), so Javik's the only one amongst them to ever earn a spot on my team.

Sidenote, I'm glad the Citadel DLC gave me the opportunity to roll with the dream team of Grunt & Wrex, even if only for the Arena. Give 'em both Claymores, and I don't have to do a thing. Everything. Dies.
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User Info: TenGermans

4 years ago#56
ME1: Garrus and Ashley
ME2: Garrus and Mordin
ME3: Garrus and Javik
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#57
Garrus, Wrex, Grunt, and Tali.

User Info: luminaireultima

4 years ago#58
ME: Garrus & Wrex (same on insanity)
ME2: Garrus & Thane (Grunt & Kasumi on insanity)
ME3: Garrus & Javik (EDI & Liara on insanity)

User Info: Kingmichael1337

4 years ago#59
ME1: Garrus and Wrex
ME2: Garrus and Miranda
ME3: Garrus and Liara/Tali/EDI (not sure which I used most)

User Info: Rikkettik

4 years ago#60
ME1, first playthrough: Garrus & Liara
ME1, second playthrough: Garrus & Wrex

ME2, Normal: Samara & Thane
ME2, Insanity: Garrus & Grunt

ME3: Garrus & EDI
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  3. In all 3 games, who were your most used squadmates?

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