In all 3 games, who were your most used squadmates?

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  3. In all 3 games, who were your most used squadmates?

User Info: roo10158

4 years ago#91
ME1: Garrus and Wrex
ME2: Garrus and Mordin
ME3: Javik and the rest were used equally
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#92
ME1: I tried to use everyone equally, but I think it comes down to Wrex and Garrus

ME2: Same with ME1, trying to use everyone equally, but I think my most used was Zaeed and either Garrus or Grunt

ME3: Garrus and James. They just worked so well together for my latest Insanity playthrough. Fire explosions everywhere.
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User Info: gadragod

4 years ago#93
Liara & Garrus for 1 and 3, Mordin & Garrus for 2.

User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#94
1: Garrus and Wrex (until IT happened, then i think liara)
2: Thane and Miranda
3: im only about 9 hours in, but so far Garrus and Liara again.
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User Info: gamedude00000

4 years ago#95
Mass Effect: Ashley and Kaiden (post-Virmire, Garrus took one of their places)
Mass Effect 2: Garrus and Jacob
Mass Effect 3: Vega and Javik
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User Info: MrZeldaNerd

4 years ago#96
ME1:Tali and Garrus
ME2:Tali and Garrus
ME3:Tali and Garrus
My team never swayed once.
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User Info: CanadianODST10

4 years ago#97
Mass Effect: Tali and Wrex

Mass Effect 2: Tali and Grunt

Mass Effect 3: Tali and Javik

I like Tali, 'Nuff said. Wrex holds his own in combat and is just awesome. Grunt is the same as Wrex. Javik is a badass Prothean, 'Nuff said.
Gamertags:Canadian ODST

User Info: Evil Engel

Evil Engel
4 years ago#98
ME1:Ashley Garrus
ME2:Miranda Grunt
ME3:Ashley Garrus - my naruto page - my homepage

User Info: kholdestare

4 years ago#99
ME1 - Wrex (ALWAYS, unless he was unable to be selected. He was invincible.)
Then Liara or Tali depending on the situation.

ME2 - Mordin (Always unless synth targets.)
Random character until getting Kasumi
Both have high damage output, fit my playstyle and actually use their skills well on their own.

Haven't played three, yet.
I am IceKholdStare.....

User Info: pfh1001

4 years ago#100
ME1: Wrex, Tali, Liara
ME2: Miranda, Mordin, Tali, Samara
ME3: EDI, Javik, Tali
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