Anybody use this build for the Volus Vanguard?

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  3. Anybody use this build for the Volus Vanguard?

User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#21
Nafzger posted...
Because I don't use weapons? Did you not read what I said to do?

I read what you said, but why do you need more power damage on Charge? Is that your only source of damage on him?
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#22
That is the primary source of damage. Extra weapon damage is insignificant. I only use my weapon to drop the electric stupidity on banshees, so I can charge them to death.
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User Info: TimeShinigami

4 years ago#23
Listen to Naf. The only pint he and I differ on is he takes the 3 in shield boost, while I skip it for the wep damage in rank 6 of the passive for whe I go into panic mode with my Talon. If you aren't charging, you're dead, with the Pinball Wizard.
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User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#24
You guys are all doing it wrong. Melee is the way to go.

I beat a melee batarian vanguard with my melee volus vanguard the other day, just ask Fire Bucket.
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  3. Anybody use this build for the Volus Vanguard?

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