Anyone have a char/class people rarely use but is effective and fun to play(MP)

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  3. Anyone have a char/class people rarely use but is effective and fun to play(MP)

User Info: G_P_L_A

4 years ago#1
I mostly play platinum and the classes I usually play are within these 3 categories

Snipers, a character with flamer, and AIU/Ghost

Anyone know any other effective classes that's fun to use?

User Info: FullMetalMania

4 years ago#2
Vanilla Turian Soldier or Quarian Marksman with the Piranha or Hurricane. The Turian is a bit beefier and has stability passives to help out, but Tactical Scan means you absolutely butcher bosses.
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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#3
I never usually see many Asari Valkyries on Platinum, yet it's one of the most fun and powerful classes I think there is. 6/6/6/0/6 with a Wraith has done me wonders, and if you put on a Cyclonic Mod you're pretty much guaranteed to never die (thanks to the shield restore on AF).

Most captain-level mooks will die with one Warp explosion + Wraith blast, and bosses drop very quickly thanks to the debuffing nature of Warp. Banshees should be your only concern, and as long as you make use of the asari dodge, you can pull off explosions on them very easily - even when they're jumping.
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User Info: SolidDroid

4 years ago#4
Turian sentinel is awsome. Good for any situation but make sure you bring a good weapon obviously. Iv been having a lot of fun with him and my crusader X :D.
Also human engineer and infiltrator if your comfortable with squishyness.
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User Info: Shigmiya64

4 years ago#5
I've had success with the Asari Huntress. I've only played four matches on Platinum, but the one where I played the Huntress was the only one where I also topped the scoreboard.
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User Info: MasterVash

4 years ago#6
Novaguard is crazy fun on Platinum, but you pretty much have to be hosting, and you really need to know what you're doing. It's really overlooked too, since there's still the stigma about bad Novaguards going down five times a wave across the map. It helps if you coordinate your team though; a team full of primers like the Paladin and Justicar is obviously better than a team with, say, TSol and Destroyer.
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User Info: Rophlecktuine

4 years ago#7
you should check out my builds on my youtube channel in my sig
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User Info: 8bitPunk

4 years ago#8
Human Adept and Human Engineer are great for Platinum. However, the Human Adept doesn't synergize well with Ghosts, so the engineer seems like a better play since most Platinum PuGs will have at least one Ghost.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#9
Yeah, the Vanilla Human Adept, Engineer and Soldier are all great and break the norm a little bit.

In fact, if you feel up to it you could play an Adept or Engineer in general. You don't often see many in Plat, as I think people tend to be a bit scared of the low health and fitness.
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User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#10
Quarian male infiltrator. One of the best classes in the game in my opinion, but I rarely see him used nowadays.
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  3. Anyone have a char/class people rarely use but is effective and fun to play(MP)

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