Think of your favorite game character.

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User Info: SlyCooper23

4 years ago#1
They're now playable on Mass effect multiplayer.

What are some of his/her possible abilities, strengths, weaknesses and such?

Solid Snake: Infiltrator
Possible abilities off the top of my head:

Tactical Cloak
Shadow Strike (possibly going hand to hand instead of a blade)
Some form of grenades
Adrenaline Rush/Combat High
Possible Stats boost (damage, health whatever else when the only player left alive/soloing)

Top notch hand to hand
Unparalleled sneaking
Formidable firearm user

Not very strong, compared to other ME characters, as he is of smaller stature

This is very rough and i'll add on later. What would yours be?
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Terra (my idol) from FF6

Terra: Adept

Biotic Orbs
Biotic Sphere

Strength: The queen of biotic explosion. With 4 biotic orbs up, you can literally spam warp every second. Also, incendiary ammo & warp exploit = dead bosses from afar.

Weakness: Low health and shield!

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User Info: Flyinghole

4 years ago#3
Master Chief so...



Frag Grenades
And so he spoke, and so he spoke...
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User Info: Aurion819

4 years ago#4
Kratos Aurion, from Tales of Symphonia (shocker)

Cruxis Sentinel

Electric Slash
Healing Wind: generates a biotic aura around him where health slowly regenerates. Upgrades allow for greater radius, longer duration, faster regeneration, slight shield generation on top, etc.

Regular Melee: uses his sword in a combo.

Heavy Melee: Activates Cruxis Mode. During Cruxis Mode, he focuses his biotic powers to form wings. He floats off the ground and has no cool-downs on his powers, but moves very slowly with no dodge or sprint, and health and shields don't regenerate. Regular melee doubles in range and does more damage. Can be switched off or ends after a duration, both of which trigger a long cooldown.

Strengths: Good shields and health

Weaknesses: Reduced mobility (side-hop level), but can take cover. Weapon bonuses are slightly less than most others.
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User Info: TheBlackAce222

4 years ago#5
Cole Macgrath

Arc Grenades
Snap Freeze/Firebird Strike(Like biotic charge but with fire and little shield regen)
(Passives decide if good or evil)

Higher mobility
slow grenade regen
Juggernaut like heavy melee (draining enemies)
normal melee is 3 hit amp combo

Weakness: Squishy health, low weapon bonuses.
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User Info: SamuriChameleon

4 years ago#6
Wow. This thread made me realize there aren't a lot of video game characters that I super like. Going with Corvo since I was playing Dishonored earlier . . .

He will be a vanguard with a sword and he can teleport via his dodge. We totally need one of those. And teleport isn't an actual word??

Powers include:


Wind Blast: Similar to Throw in that it knocks unprotected targets off their feet and can stun other enemies. Unlike Throw, it's an area of effect power that is designed to be used on enemies in your face.

Fire Bolt: Grenade power. Shoot a crossbow bolt that does good damage on impact and primes for a fire explosion. Can also spec for damage over time.

Other Abilities:

One of his higher level fitness ranks gives him an instant kill melee that can be used on unprotected enemies who you sneak up on.


His bow power is a REAL power, not some weird ****.
Good melee damage


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User Info: CrusnikCain

4 years ago#7
Shao Kahn

Biotic charge

Some type of hammer attack that was feed by his massive melee skill

a leave on power that would give him more damage resistance and melee damage

he would also need some way of taunting the enemies he's destroying
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User Info: Duckyhunter

4 years ago#8
Joshua Graham

Curb stomps everything by looking at it.

Gets nerfed within a day.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#9

Force Cloak.
Shadow Strike.

Passive would be called Force Channel. Low Health but very high Shields. Can only carry pistols and SMGs due to only having one hand. She also has an innate ability to see through walls and enemy locations.

Alternative version;
Darth Traya.

Force Lightning - like Flamer and Overload combined. Has a limited range, but every enemy it hits it can chain to another with a certain radius.

Defensive Lightsabers - Cast 3 floating lightsabers to automatically attack anything nearby. Can block gun fire to a certain extent.Upgrades include adding more, increase health and shields of them, damage increase, reduce power recharge penalty. Cast it again to throw one.

Force Drain - linked to her passives. Cast it like Energy Drain to drain shields, health, barriers and armour and heal yourself in the process. With the passives, she has an always active Annihilation Field like version of this, that leeches health off off dead enemies nearby. Getting kills with the power though stacks, and each stack increases the range if the always active tendrils.

She carries no weapons, instead attacks with lightsabers. RT is a basic attack, LT is a power attack. Light melee is actually a cloak, heavy melee is a decoy. Melee passives increase length of cloak and strength if decoy. Lightsaber damage is in the class passive instead of weapon damage.
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User Info: Aigonroth

4 years ago#10
HK-47: Assassination Droid (Infiltrator)

Base Shields: 750

Base Health: 750

Light Melee: A small flamethrower: Deals 250 Damage versus Health and Armor. Deals 175 Damage versus Shields and Barriers.

Can ignite enemies causing them to take 150 Damage per second for 6 seconds if they are at Health or Armor or 100 Damage per second for 6 seconds for Shields and Barriers.

Can be detonated or be used to detonate things (including the Heavy Melee).

Range 5 meters
Duration: 6 Seconds

Heavy Melee: A Carbonite Projector: Deals 500 Damage versus Health and Armor. Deals 350 Damage versus Shields and Barriers.

Capable of freezing or chilling opponents causing them to take an additional 25% Damage from all sources, degrades armor by 40% and can be detonated or used to detonate things (including the Light Melee).

Range: 5 Meters
Duration: 6 Seconds

Both the Light and Heavy Melees' Damage and Duration are increased by Power Duration and Damage Modifiers.

Tactical Cloak

Rank 4: 120% Damage Bonus or 50% Duration Bonus
Rank 5: Bonus Power or 50% Melee Damage Bonus
Rank 6: 80% Sniper Rifle Damage Bonus or Shields are restored to 50% when you decloak

Plasma Grenade: A grenade designed as a deployable miniature Super Nova

Rank 1:

Base Stats

Power Damage: 1500 versus Health, 1750 versus Armor, 1250 versus Shields and Barriers

Damage over Time after initial explosion: 150 versus Health, 175 versus Armor, 125 versus Shields and Barriers

Duration: 12 Seconds

Radius: 6 Meters

Base Capacity: 3 Grenades

Special: This grenade compromises the integrity of enemy defenses causing them to take an additional 25% Damage from all sources, irregardless of defense type or lack thereof.

Rank 2: Increase Maximum Grenade Capacity by 1
Rank 3: Increase Damage, Duration, and Radius by 30%

Rank 4: Increase Power Damage by 40% or Increase Radius and Duration by 40%

Rank 5: Increase Damage Taken from all sources by 25% or increase maximum grenades by 2

Rank 6: Increase Power Damage, Duration, and Radius by 40% or make the grenade spawn 4 smaller grenades after the initial explosion that explode and cause 50% Damage of the original grenade.

Assassination: Hack into your weapon's computers and overcome their inhibitors to dramatically increase the velocity with which your next round is fired drastically increasing its damage.

Base Cooldown: 6 Seconds

Rank 1: Increase next shot's damage by 100%
Rank 2: Reduces cooldown by 30%
Rank 3: Increases next shot's damage by an additional 50%

Rank 4: Increase next shot's damage by an additional 75% or allow one additional round to be fired before Assassination wears off

Rank 5: Your next shot bypasses enemy shields completely or deal 150% Bonus Damage to Armored opponents

Rank 6: Increase next shot's damage by an additional 75% or reduce cooldown by 200%

Assassination Droid

Rank 1: Weapon Damage and Power Damage +25% and Weight Capacity +20%

Rank 2: Weapon Damage +15%

Rank 3: Power Damage +25%

Rank 4: Weapon Damage +20% or Power Damage +20% and Weight Capacity +20%

Rank 5: Power Damage +20% or Headshot Damage +50%

Rank 6: Weapon and Power Damage +20% or Sniper Rifle Weight -50%

Meatbag Improvements

Rank 1: Health and Shields +20%, Melee Damage +20%, Shield Recharge Delay -20%
Rank 2: Health and Shields +30%
Rank 3: Melee Damage +30%

Rank 4: Health and Shields +30% or Melee Damage +40%

Rank 5: Shield Recharge Delay -30% or +30% Power Damage for 6 seconds after target is killed by Heavy Melee

Rank 6: Health and Shields +50% or Melee Damage +50%
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